Chieko Tateishi Wins A $250 Spree At Don Quijote

On Thursday, 96-year-old Chieko Tateishi needed some groceries, and her friend Janet Gaza offered to take her shopping, so they went to Don Quijote on Kaheka. As they were leaving the store at 1:15 p.m., MidWeek‘s representative approached Chieko with a simple question. She answered correctly and instantly won a $250 Don Quijote shopping spree.

“I’ve been coming to Don Quijote for ages,” says this week’s Mystery Shopper. “I like the prices, the selection and the salespeople are all courteous.”

Chieko was born on the Big Island and moved to Oahu when she was 5 years old. She lives in Kaimuki, and enjoys gardening, cooking and sewing. She also likes to read MidWeek.

“I like to read Ron Nagasawa’s column,” she said. “I also like the ads, the articles and the pictures from the events. Sometimes I see people I know.”