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Charging Gadgets With JUICIES Cables

You may remember me writing about the Blue Startups Cohort back in 2013. Part of that was a homegrown company called JUICIES.

Fast forward to now: I met JUICIES’ founder and CEO Lauren Laudowicz earlier this year when I was roaming around the Consumer Electronics Show floor in Vegas — small world!


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Apple MFi Lightning cables PHOTO COURTESY JUICIES

Last week, Laudowicz informed me he launched JUICES’ latest line of cables JUICES+ XS and XL on Kickstarter. They increased the length of the original JUICIES+ to 10 feet for the XL, and decreased it to 1 foot for the XS. The XL is designed to let you extend out your cable to ensure you can reach all your outlets, and the XS is just enough for you to plug it into your laptop on-the-go.

Laudowicz had the inspiration to create his cables a few years ago when his charging cables kept getting taken by accident. At the time there were no alternatives to the standard white Apple charging cable that everybody and their brother owns. So he wanted to create a fun way to charge, and his devices also help others distinguish their charging cables from all the others.

All JUICIES cables are made with certified connector parts. For you Apple users, it’s important to know it only uses original Apple MFi Lightning connectors, so it will always charge your gadgets. I’ve had “fake” Apple cables that fail to charge my iPhone, but I have had no issues with the JUICIES cables. Additionally, the cables are tangle-free, lightweight and are made with inner steel wire mesh shielding, making it more flexible than a standard cable.

JUICIES is currently available online and in a few European chains. The current Kickstarter campaign ends May 14, and both XL ($25) and XS ($19) are available in black, silver or gold on Kickstarter. For other JUICIES products, use the promo code “midweek” on juicies.com (or juicies.com), and you’ll receive 20 percent off and free shipping in the U.S. Stay tuned for more JUICIES products. I’ll keep you posted as they are released.

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: Sort a Dizzy

Another homegrown story: On March 7, Kamehameha Schools and University of Hawaii grad Daniel Mariconda released an app called Sort a Dizzy. He created it while learning to use Apple’s SpriteKit, which is its built-in framework for making two-dimensional games.

Sort a Dizzy is a game where you’re assigned the task of sorting colored balls into their matching buckets. But what happens when you have to launch the balls from a cannon, yet the cannon is constantly spinning?

You get Sort a Dizzy. You can compete against yourself, friends, the world, and the more you sort, the harder it becomes. Its a fun game to help you pass spare time.

Mariconda’s goal with this game was to create something with just the right combination of simplicity, fun and difficulty to appeal to the everyday iPhone user. He says, “Games like this, with simple concepts and quick rounds, are ideal for independent developers, as they don’t take nearly as much time and resources as the more complex games that are typically created by teams and companies. In designing a game of this type, it’s hard not to look to the wildly successful Flappy Bird for inspiration and/or insight.”

Enjoy this free local app for your iOS device.