Central’s Best Young Scientists Now In Pittsburgh For National Contest

From antibiotics to combustion, Central Oahu’s brainy bunch are off with their award-winning science projects to Pittsburgh this week for the premiere global gathering of high school students from 65 countries.

The May 13-18 International Science & Engineering Fair puts five area residents in the national spotlight. That includes April-Joy McCann, Viola Mocz, Mark Siler and Daniell Terukina from Mililani High; and Kyle Flores, a Mililani resident who attends Iolani.

Their research is varied and complex, showing a respect for the scientific process and promise for future applications. Their projects are listed below.

* “The Effects of Heat Combustion and Density on Biodiesel Proficiency” by April-Joy McCann

* “New Idea in Physics: The Mass Ratio of Elementary Particles from Torus Geometry” by Viola Mocz

* “Analyzing the Effects of Antibiotics Produced from Soil-Borne Microbials on the Inhibition of E.coli, M.luteus, P.aeruginosa and S.aerus” by Marc Siler and Danielle Terukina

* “The DOCTORs: A Fusion of Engineering and Biological Analysis” by Kyle Flores with Iolani colleagues Erin Main and Logan Davis