Castle’s Lane Clinches Chaminade Soccer Scholarship

Castle senior Brandee Lane is what might be called a quick study. Certainly, when she took up soccer three years ago, continuing with it in college was not something she had envisioned.

“I didn’t really play sports when I was little — I just started playing soccer as a freshman,” Lane admitted.

A field player during that 2011-12 season, Lane soon was shifted to goalkeeper for her junior year.

“I also was playing softball, and I think they thought I could catch things, but I had a hard time with it and I didn’t like it at all,” she added.

Lane’s feelings have changed considerably since, having developed into one of the state’s top goalkeepers over the past two years. Castle went 16-8-3 the last two years under head coach Millie Dadasco, including an appearance in Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Hawaii Division I State Championships in 2013-14. Lane’s efforts did not go unnoticed, as she recently signed her letter of intent to attend Chaminade on a soccer scholarship, bypassing offers from Mainland colleges.

“It was a really big decision,” said Lane. “I didn’t know if I wanted to go away or not, but it will be nice to stay home and represent our state.”

The Silversword program also is on the rise under second-year head coach Michelle Richardson, formerly coach at Kalani.

“She’s so easy to talk to; it made me feel real welcome. Two of our assistant coaches are from Chaminade, too, and being around them made me feel more comfortable that I’m going there.”

Lane, who is preparing for her senior softball season with the Knights, recently took some time away from the practice field and her studies to visit with MidWeek‘s Windward Islander.

Who’s had the biggest impact on you in your life? My dad (the late Greg Lane). He passed away a year ago. He always supported me and helped me to build my character. Softball was where we connected because he had been a baseball player and a softball player, but when I made soccer my main sport, he told me he would support me in anything I do.

What area of your game will you focus on during the off-season to get ready for college? Probably my physical and mental conditioning. There’s a big gap between high school and college. It will be more intense, and it is going to be hard both mentally and physically.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned through athletics? It would have to be my character. How you carry yourself off the field is big with me. For me, even if you are a good athlete, it always comes back to your character.

What Internet site do you frequent the most? Probably Instagram. It makes me feel updated with my friends. I can see what they’re up to, especially if I haven’t talked to them in a while.

What is your least favorite household chore? I don’t have a problem with them, but maybe cleaning up after the dog.

If you were planning a trip, what would be your destination of choice? Paris.

What movie could you watch over and over? Kingsman, which just came out.

Who are three of your favorite musical artists? Ed Sheeran, Tyga and Drake.

When you have free time, how do you like to spend it? I like to play music. I play the guitar, the ukulele and the piano or keyboard. I also sing — kind of.

You’re stuck on Kahoolawe. You can have an endless supply of one food. What would it be? It would have to be sushi. I love sushi.

If you could have your pick, what celebrity would you most like to meet? (Professional soccer player) Hope Solo.