Castle’s Compassionate Staff

Dear Pamela,

I want to thank the ER staff at Castle Medical Center in Kailua who were trying to revive my mother, who arrived by ambulance. She passed away that night, but the warmth and support from the staff helped me get through the evening and make the needed calls without falling apart. I didn’t get the doctor’s name, but a nurse named Julie, the doctor on duty and Chaplain Dave Rasmussen were so compassionate. I realize it’s what they do, but they do it well, and I wanted to let them know that I appreciated it with all my heart.

Ursula Dela Cruz

Dear Ursula,

The physician who assisted your mother was Dr. Nathaniel Arnone, and the nurse was Julie Lyons.

“It is our privilege to support people during some of the worst moments in their lives,” says CMC director of spiritual life Chaplain David Rasmussen. “I’m glad to know that we could bring her some comfort during her time of grief and loss.”

Dear Pamela,

Last week, my 93-year-young-at-heart mother fell at Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki. My sister and I were just a bit too far away to catch her in time. Several anonymous angels came to her rescue. Someone called 911, and a young man, Brett McHenry, ran to the ABC Store to get a bottle of ice water to put on her head. Dave and the Royal Hawaiian security staff, and Jack Nagaishi and his city EMT co-workers, were very caring. The doctors and nurses, Shannon, Reed, Geena and Amber and support staff, including Jodi of the dietitian consultants and Faye at the pharmacy, and those who clean Kaiser Medical Center where she is still a patient, all have contributed toward her recovery from a fractured upper humerus and other medical conditions. The physical therapist Casey and nurse Jocelyn, along with health aide Joylynn, were alert enough to send my mother back to the hospital yesterday after being home for a few days. Thanks, too, to the EMTs, Castle hospital and Kaiser emergency teams.

Carol Sakai-Feiteira

Dear Carol,

Kaiser Permanente director of community and public relations Laura Lott thanks you for recognizing the staff that helped with your mother’s treatment: Reed Kishimoto, Amber Gazzara, Shannon Ichishita, Genna Sagaysay, Jodi Leandro, Faith Davis, Joylynn Tagupa, Casey Kozuma and Jocelyn Abbott.

“We are honored to deliver quality patient-centered care to her and to all of our patients,” says Lott.

Dear Pamela,

I want to thank Officer Preston Chu for taking the time to deliver our valuable camera back to our family after I left it at Kahala Mall outside Whole Foods. It took some digging around, but he eventually found us and made a special delivery to our home. Also, thank you to all the honest people shopping and working out there. That camera could have been easily stolen, but thankfully it made its way back to us. Mahalo again, Officer Preston Chu! Little things like this are a big deal! (As I write this, my 5-year-old is nodding off to sleep with a police car in his hand).

Joy Tam

Dear Joy,

“As an organization, we are pleased with the efforts of Officer Chu in returning this property to its owner, and the positive outcome it created,” says HPD Capt. Andrew Lum. “It’s this type of care that differentiates HPD and emphasizes the Spirit of Aloha in our service. We will commend Officer Chu for his efforts and appreciate the time Joy Tam took to contact you and share her experience that day. It’s much appreciated.”