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Care From The Heart At Olaloa

Dear Pamela,

I would like to thank Yoshiko Matsuo of Olaloa Retirement Center, where I live. Since I can’t drink anything cold, Yo brings me a cup of warm water and a plate of things to eat. Curt, the postal clerk assigned to Olaloa, bundles up my mail and sees me safely to my door. I thank them both for their thoughtfulness.

Lillian Yanagahira

Dear Lillian,

“I do things for people from my heart, no other motive,” says Yoshiko Matsuo. “We have to help each other, that’s the way I feel. At Olaloa, all the people are so nice. Unfortunately, I won’t be here for very long. I’m going to move to an Illinois independent living facility near Chicago to be close to my son. It’s supposed to be very nice. I’m 86 and I want to be pampered!”

You go, Yo! You deserve to be treated like royalty!

Aloha Pamela,

A big mahalo to all who helped me get Pop back up. He had slid out of the car in our attempt to transfer him to a wheelchair in the Kaiser Moanalua parking garage: the lady and her child parked in front of us, a young lad and his brother walking to their car, the lady arriving who stopped to help us, the guy also driving out and the two guys from Kaiser who got him into the wheel-chair so we could make our appointment. You are all angels to the rescue and good examples of aloha. We are truly grateful for your assistance. May your lives be blessed.

Once we were pau with the doctor, the staff called for assistance to load him

into the car. That went so smoothly. Kaiser is a patient-friendly facility. I always sing praises of Kaiser Permanente.

P. Byrd

Dear P.,

The staff at Kaiser Permanente is glad the remainder of Pop’s appointment went without a hitch. “The staff is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of our patients and delivering an outstanding service experience,” says Susan Murray, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii vice president of Quality, Safety and Service.

Dear Pamela,

A great big mahalo to the team at Lowe’s. I recently purchased a refrigerator there, and on the date of expected delivery found out that through some mix-up, the actual date of delivery was scheduled for the following week. Needless, to say, the old refrigerator was already unplugged and food stuff packed away in ice chests. Candy and Chris in Customer Service bent over backward and arranged for a delivery on that day. Ben and Gavin, after completing a full day of delivery, picked up my refrigerator at the warehouse and made an extra trip. The staff there is terrific. This was my first major purchase at Lowe’s, and I was so very pleased with the excellent customer service.

Marjorie Tam

Dear Marjorie,

“We want to make sure our customers are taken care of every single day,” says Lowe’s Iwilei assistant store manager Chris Uehara.