Campbell Improves AP Scores

Campbell High School was one of four Hawaii high schools recognized Sept. 27 by the National Math and Science Initiative for its improvement in math, science and English scoring.

This was Campbell’s first year as part of the National Math and Science Initiative. Along with Radford, Mililani and Leilehua high schools, Campbell combined for a 68-percent increase in qualifying scores in advanced placement in the three disciplines.

“These results are phenomenal,” said Gregg Fleisher, senior vice president of the National Math and Science Initiative. “They will open doors to college for these students. Many of them have parents who are serving our country and have had to make sacrifices themselves.”

The results were announced at a special ceremony at Mililani High School, and the event was attended by Gov. Neil Abercrombie, state superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi, Cmdr. Bryan Dailey from the U.S. Pacific Command, and other government and education dignitaries.

The schools, which are part of the Initiative for Military Families (IMF), accounted for 82 percent of the state’s increase in qualifying AP scores. Mililani, Radford, Campbell and Leilehua ranked first, second, third and fifth, respectively, throughout the state in the increase in qualifying scores. Although IMF targets military dependents, the program is open to all high school students at participating schools.

“The success of this program, which should be in every school in Hawaii, shows how the DOE and the military can work together for the betterment of Hawaii students,” said state Rep. K. Mark Takai, who also attended the event.

The National Math and Science Initiative goal is to promote college-level courses in high schools in order to prepare students for further education. According to the program’s website, students who pass an Advanced Placement exam are three times more likely to finish their college education.