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Campbell High Swim Team: Full Speed Ahead


McDermott’s Message…Rep. Bob McDermottI recently asked young Samuel Bass IV to tell me about the Campbell High School swim team. He shared the following:

This year, the Sabers are showing great potential as they show off some of their talented swimmers.

Who are these up-and-coming swimmers? Makoa Alvarez, age 16 (a junior), brought Campbell its first-ever OIA record last year in the 100-yard backstroke. This year, he broke his own record in the OIA championships, swimming the 100-yard backstroke, sending him off to the state championships. At states, Makoa achieved another record: the state record for the 100-yard backstroke! His time was 49.79, tying the past record and claiming the title as his own.

Whenever people ask about the Campbell swim team, there is one question that always pops up: “Where do they swim?” Campbell swim team practices in the Hope Chapel Kapolei pool, where they share facilities with Kapolei High School, Island Pacific Academy and Hawaii Swim Club (HSC) Kapolei. Coach Nathaniel Dean, head coach of HSC

Kapolei, voices how important this pool is for them: “The 50-meter pool in Kalaeloa is an unrecognized cornerstone of Kapolei and Ewa Beach. The pool (allows) the students of Kapolei, Campbell and IPA to have swim teams and water polo teams.”

Who coaches the Campbell swim team? In between teaching ceramics and teaching fine arts, Laxmi Diaz also teaches swimming. Coach Diaz uses her free time after school to instruct swimming and water polo. She likes to get work done quickly and efficiently, which is what she looks for in Campbell swimmers.

Dean also often gives the Campbell swimmers extra training, providing them with helpful feedback from another great source.

Within the swim team, you can find inspiring captains who show the swimmers what they can accomplish both in the water and in school.

Sydney Thompson, one of the swim team’s captains, balances great grades with swimming and cheerleading. Ellis Harkins II, another team captain, also is an inspiring student. As commanding officer of Campbell’s Navy JROTC program, Ellis motivates the swimmers to shoot for high goals.

“The underclassmen will definitely be making history for Campbell long after I am gone,” Ellis said. “The passion and determination they compete with is definitely something that will take them far.”

These swimmers have great potential, and with the way things are going currently, we should keep an eye out for Campbell’s swim team at future events. They are entertaining to watch, and the competitive atmosphere sucks you in and leaves you wanting more. Come join us next year and witness the greatness for yourself.

For more information on the Campbell swim team, please contact Samuel Bass IV at basss117@gmail.com.

State Rep. Bob McDermott serves District 40. Call 586-9730 or email him at repmcdermott@capitol.ha waii.gov.