Busy Aircraft Bring RIMPAC Noise

Kaneohe residents may notice increased aircraft activity around Kaneohe Marine base now until Aug. 25 because of RIMPAC 2014 exercises.

The Rim of the Pacific Exercise, a biannual maritime military training exercise, started June 26 and is scheduled to end Aug. 1. Twenty-two nations are participating this year, bringing with them 25,000 personnel, more than 200 aircraft and 49 surface ships.

The base airfield will operate 24 hours a day during the exercises, so residents should expect to see and hear increased air activity around the base. Jet aircraft are not scheduled to fly after 11 p.m., but this is dependent on weather and training requirements and is subject to change. The base will maintain and repair its aircraft at night.

Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 arrived at Kaneohe Bay June 24 and will be based here until Aug 25.

For more details on RIMPAC, call the Combined Information Bureau at 472-0235 or visit cpf.navy.mil/rimpac/2014/.