Bus Routes Restored Following Budget Cuts

New bus routes are on the way for West Oahu residents along the Leeward Coast.

This transportation improvement was spurred on by City Councilwoman Kymberly Marcos Pine, District 1 (Ewa to Makua), who worked with Mayor Kirk Caldwell on improving bus service despite budget cuts made last summer. The cuts resulted in longer wait times and fuller buses for residents.

One of the first requests Pine made to the mayor was to restore the Makaha route to every 30 minutes. Residents from Kapolei also will benefit from an additional bus option to Ala Moana. Also, the C-Country Express that runs from Makaha to Ala Moana will run every half hour, an increase from the one-hour wait time.

“The reduction of the Makaha route to every 45 to 60 minutes dramatically affected the quality of life of West Oahu residents,” Pine explained. “This restored route will especially help those whose jobs depend on a timely arrival to work and those who are elderly and disabled. Their only source of transportation is the bus.”

According to Pine, she also is working with City Councilman Ron Menor to restore the Ewa Beach E Route from Ewa Beach to Waikiki. Last year, this route was shortened to go to downtown only.

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