The LYLAS – Bruno Mars’ sisters take off

The entertainment business is nothing new for The LYLAS. They grew up performing for guests at The Lovenotes Show in Waikiki with parents Bernadette and Peter Hernandez (who have since separated). In one of the show’s segments called The Teen Notes, Jaime Kailani would be on stage singing Da Do Run Run; and when a young Bruno took the stage as Little Elvis, the younger sisters would play his fans and do the twist.


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The new group's name is short for Love You Like A Sister, and now sisters (from left) Presley, Jaime Kailani, Tahiti and Tiara hope to follow in their famous brother's footsteps. They're recording an album and star in a reality show

Family gatherings also always included music. They describe their mom’s side of the family as the Filipino side with lots of food and constant karaoke. Dad is the Latin side with congas being played all the time.

“Everywhere we were – riding our bike, driving in a car, we had jingles we would sing,” remembers Tahiti.

“We have a huge family and everybody sings; music was always in our house,” adds Jaime Kailani. “Our mom would always make us harmonize.”

While the passion for music was always in them, the idea of starting a group didn’t happen until about two years ago when they were working on a charity song for the Philippines that was supposed to feature a variety of artists. They met up in the studio to record the bridge of the song and quickly were reminded of something that they probably knew their whole lives – they could sing. They ended up recording the entire song, titled Headed Home (which has not been released), and are halfway done with their first album, which they hope to finish by October.

“I always say this, when your dad is a doctor and he wants you to be a doctor when you grow up, you want to be a rockstar,” says Tiara. “So, when both your parents are rockstars and they want you to be a rockstar, you want to be a doctor. But this is really what our passion was. They were right.”

“Also,” adds Jaime Kailani, “I think being together in a studio and recording and hearing each other was a reality for us that we can do this. And for me, I was in L.A. for awhile, so just to be hanging out with my sisters again and to work with them was such a treat.”

And while they are extremely proud of their brothers and don’t mind being introduced as “Bruno Mars’ sisters,” they are ready to step into their own spotlight.

“We’re trying to do it on our own, but we definitely listen to Bruno,” says Jaime, noting that their musical director was his at one time. “We play him everything and he gives us good advice. Also, seeing Bruno’s success is definitely an inspiration. I feel like he’s doing so much in music right now and it’s kind of paving the way for us to be able to do what we want to do. He’s unorthodox when it comes to music, and that’s kind of where we came from.”

“It’s always an honor when people say, Oh my God, you’re Bruno Mars’ sister,” adds Tahiti. “We’re very proud of him and he’s proud of us, too. So, now we’re just going to do our thing, and people will see we’re our own people too.”

As for the dream, there are many:

“It’s so cool already to see people write ‘Oh my God, I love your song,’ that’s the dream right there, to hear that,” says Tahiti.

“Hearing your song on the radio, being able to do what you love and take care of your family,” answers Jaime Kailani. “If nothing else happens after this, I feel like I kind of did reach my dream already.”

“Come Back” by The LYLAS is available on iTunes, and their music video can be seen on YouTube.

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