‘Blue Christmas’ Worship Time

Windward United Church of Christ will conduct a special “Blue Christmas” worship service at 6 p.m. Saturday for those who are less than merry.

While the service has its roots in the longest night of winter solstice, its official start was more than 20 years ago in the hospice community, filling a need to sustain hope and remember loved ones who have died.

“Not everyone has a ‘holly, jolly Christmas,'” explained Rev. Jayne Ryan Kuroiwa, pastor at WUCC. “Life’s difficulties like grief, financial distress, loneliness and trauma don’t follow a calendar, and for some people the over-the-top merriment of the season is simply too hard to take.”

The church promises a calming and reflective service focused on the lighting of candles to remember loved ones, to release the pain of the past, honor ourselves as survivors, and to keep hope alive. A live jazz band, caroling and meditative prayers will round out the experience.

The church is located at 38 Kaneohe Bay Drive, across from Aikahi Park Shopping Center. For more information, call 254-3802.