Beer Here?

Forget the presence of a giant panda, Indian elephant or Bengal tiger as a reason to enjoy the Honolulu Zoo – think booze.

Word is, the company that manages food and beverage services at the zoo in Waikiki is applying for a license to sell beer and wine to increase revenue.

I imagine the hope is that more people will flock to Honolulu Zoo because, if it offers wine and beer, the surroundings will be more friendly, so attendance will increase as more adult beverages are consumed.

At the same time, the Stadium Authority is being asked again if selling beer at the UH football games is OK.

Seems like every now and then a fight erupts in the stands, and the lawbreakers are difficult to contend with as an agitated crowd cheers them on. From a management point of view, the potential lawsuits for injuries received as a bystander and future workers compensation claims for stadium per sonnel, Honolulu Police Department and other responders is more frightening.

The question should really be addressed by the University of Hawaii and the Stadium Authority. If UH, as a tenant, says it wants an alcohol-free stadium, there’s not much to discuss unless there is a provision in the vendor’s lease that mandates the sale of liquor at the games.

The same would apply at Stan Sheriff Center.

It is a fact that most big conferences don’t allow drinking liquor at any of their venues.

We should probably also ask the Tourism Authority, because if it gives Hawaii a bloodshot eye for not serving beer, it might have an effect on negotiations for the next Pro Bowl.

But the Honolulu Zoo, that’s another question.