Beach Nourishment Project Is Under Way

If all goes well, the shoreline bordering the Iroquois Point housing area could look markedly different in about 10 months.

Hunt Companies recently began a beach nourishment project in an effort to sustain and stabilize the shoreline, which has been eroding for years.

The project finally kicked off in mid-October following eight years of planning and preparation. The company is bringing in thousands of yards of stone and sand to repair the eroded area.

“The effort to rehabilitate the beach at Iroquois Point has been years in the making, and we are excited to begin work on a project that will provide many environmental benefits and protect the nearby oceanfront housing community,” said Steve Colón, president of Hunt’s Hawaii development division. “This beach will serve as a gathering place for residents and visitors, and we hope to revitalize the area for the enjoyment of all.”

The company intends that the project, in addition to restoring the beach, will also improve coastal water quality. Housing in the area includes an oceanfront rental community called The Waterfront at Pu’uola, which is comprised of 1,450 units on 367 acres of land.

The project will cost $14 million.