Banking On Kind Souls

Dear Pamela,

I drove to American Savings Bank in Kapolei with my wife. Once parked at the handicap space, I stepped out, turned around so fast it triggered a vertigo attack. Suddenly I fell first on my left knee, and next, my chin hit the pavement. I stood up, not realizing the damage to my chin, which was bleeding profusely. We went into the bank and asked for help. Ms. Misty Tavera, assistant manager, saw me and came to the rescue, guided me to her office and dressed my wound to stop the bleeding, with the help of a staff member, whose name I don’t know. She was very kind and fast to bring out the first aid kit.

Finally, I ended up at Kaiser Emergency for proper medical treatment with two stitches on my chin. It was a very hard fall but, thanks to God, I had no broken bones.

On behalf of my family, I would like to convey to Ms. Tavera and her staff our deepest gratitude and sincerest appreciation for the intelligent actions and immediate response given to an elderly man in pain. We wish her more power and best health forever.

Mariano G. Sanchez Jr.

Dear Mariano,

“He is such a nice man! He came in with his wife later and thanked us,” says Kapolei American Savings Bank assistant manager Misty Tavera. “Teller Janelyn Agpalza and I did our best to remain calm for them. He was more concerned for his wife. He asked if I could wipe the blood off him so it wouldn’t scare her. He didn’t care about his situation, he was mindful of her health.”

Dear Pamela,

We would like to thank Ron and Mark in the service department of Toyota Servco Mapunapuna, for helping two senior citizens. We purchased a bulb for our headlight and inquired at the service department to see if someone could help us change it. Ron and Mark took time away from their regular duties to provide the help we needed in a friendly and efficient manner without us having to wait! These two fine men are excellent representatives of the “Toyota family”!

Wallace and Laura Murakami
Salt Lake

Dear Wallace and Laura,

Toyota Servco service consultants Ron Doo and Mark Yadao are happy your headlight is working properly. “Their letter made my day,” says Ron. “It wasn’t anything special, just our regular customer service. We try to help people efficiently without having to make them wait.”

Dear Pamela,

I picked up a takeout order from Zippy’s Restaurant on Dillingham Avenue. When the food came, I picked up my order and went home.

It was after midnight when my phone rang, waking me up. It was the manager at Zippy’s, calling to say that she had found my wallet and that she would keep it locked up for me until I could get there to pick it up.

I was so flabbergasted!

Up until that minute, I did not even know that my wallet was missing! I threw on a pair of jeans and rushed back to Zippy’s. I met the manager (but in my delirium, I cannot remember her name) who, after verifying my name, returned my wallet to me. She told me that one of her workers found it on the floor when they cleaned the area, and explained that she only opened it to find the owner’s name so that it could be returned.

Everything was still there. I had gone to the ATM earlier that day to get cash to pay for a gift order, and the money was all there, as well as my driver’s license, the credit cards everything. I am so grateful.

Please send APPLAUSE and a heartfelt thank you to the staff and manager at Zippy’s Dillingham for giving me so much to be grateful for. When I think about their kindness and honesty, I can’t help but believe in the goodness of people.

Lianne Wong

Dear Lianne,

“Our staff is great with our customers,” says Zippy’s Dillingham manager Hanany Areola. “We have a lot of regular customers, so they’re like family. If there’s a phone number in our lost and found items, we’ll call and make sure the items are returned.”