Automotive Angels To The Rescue

Dear Pamela,

As I was driving down Komo Mai Drive, I heard a strange sound and noticed that my car was slowing down. I quickly pulled over, thinking that I probably had a flat tire. Sure enough, it was flat! Unfortunately, I never learned how to change a flat tire.

Fortunately, it happened in a residential area and not on the freeway, so I was out of my car and on my way to find help. I headed toward a group of City and County workers who were waiting for the rain to stop so they could continue their job, but before I reached them, Mr. Edgar Acorda had just gotten out of his car. I asked him if he could help me change my tire. Apparently, Mr. Acorda was there to check up on the progress of his workers, but was more than willing to help this “damsel in distress”!

He was very helpful and even provided large traffic cones to warn drivers to slow down. He changed it rather quickly and even got the help of Mr. Richard Sells (Mikami Construction) to pump air into my spare tire! Wow! That’s two guardian angels to my rescue! Both of them were so happy to be of help, and they refused my offer to at least buy them a plate lunch.

They advised me to see a mechanic because my tire wasn’t punctured, but rather just low on air, so it slipped off the tire bead.

I took their advice and drove directly to Goodyear in Pearl City. The mechanics at Goodyear also were “angels.” They checked all four tires, made sure none was leaking, filled all tires and replaced the original tire on the bead.

I was shocked to see that it was at no charge! I thanked James Higaki and his staff for being so kind and helpful to me that day.

My aloha to my “angels” who came to my rescue that rainy morning. I am so grateful and thankful for you. You carry the true spirit of aloha, and my APPLAUSE goes out to you!

Alena Wong
Pearl City

Dear Alena,

Richard Sells (now on the Big Island on a construction job) modestly says, “Anyone would have stopped to help,” but his boss, Dave Mikami of Mikami Construction, is not surprised that Richard would take the time and effort to help someone in need. And Chris Takashige, director of the city’s Design and Construction Department, informs us that Edgar Acorda will receive a personal note of gratitude and a shout out from his supervisors.

Aloha Pamela,

We hear and read too many complaints and rarely overlook the kindness that some people do! This is a compliment to a City and County employee who set such a great example. I was headed home to Waialae-Kahala after shopping at the Navy commissary. I didn’t enter the freeway, since my car started making a strange noise. I ended up on Kalihi Street and found I had a flat tire! Frantic, I called my husband to rescue me, and as he was almost finished changing my tire, along came a City and County truck and it stopped. It was a very friendly man, Reuben Inocencio, who asked me if we need help. I want to express how grateful I am that he stopped to offer his help.

Helene Webster
Waialae Kalaha

Dear Helene,

Reuben’s kindness and hard work are acknowledged in a personal letter to him by his boss, Ross Sasamura, director and chief engineer of the C&C Facility Maintenance Department: “Reuben, thank you for helping Mrs. Webster and for doing so with friendliness, respect and courtesy. We’re very proud of you and appreciate the extraordinary effort! The aloha you displayed is noteworthy and an example for all of us to follow. And thank you again for your help with the sidewalk repairs and temporary fencing at Thomas Square – an outstanding job completed by the crews from the Division of Road Maintenance and the Public Building and Electrical Maintenance Division.”

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