Aspiring Doctor’s Impressive Altruism

Dear Pamela,

I wanted to write to thank some wonderful Samaritans who helped me recently. I fell at the corner of University Avenue and Maile Way because of some buckling bricks near the marble monument there. I took a hard fall, breaking my wrist in three places, chipping bones in the other hand and breaking my nose. I did not know how badly I was hurt and tried to get up. My nose was spurting blood and my right hand was pretty misshapen.

Three people driving up University Avenue immediately stopped. One woman named Ann got towels from her car and gave them to me, a man named Herb or Herman (I was somewhat in shock and did not get their entire names) helped me sit up, and another made sure I was OK. Then, a young woman named Alexis, a freshman who is planning to study medicine, stayed with me, having me hold my head back to stop the bleeding, calming me, and then called 911 for an ambulance. I felt blessed by these people and renewed in my belief in the goodness of people. And I am sure Alexis will make a great doctor.

Pat Masters

Dear Pat,

Alexis gets a pat on the back from John A. Burns School of Medicine. “Our students show remarkable compassion and concern for others, and it’s a trait they usually demonstrate long before they come through our doors,” says JABSOM communications director Tina Shelton. “Once here, our faculty (including 1,200 M.D. volunteers) build upon that altruism with training that is an equal amount of vigorous academic learning and patient-centered care. Nearly 90 percent of our medical students are local residents, and they are shining examples of the best qualities our state’s young people have to share. Good for Alexis, and all those who stop to help both strangers and friends!”

Dear Pamela,

Every Friday, I like to go to the open market on Fort Street Mall. My regular routine is to walk from my apartment building, go to the market, stop in Walgreens, then walk to the library.

Last Friday, I was on my stroll in front of Iolani Palace, when I realized I did not have my library books that were due the next day. I retraced my steps and could not for the life of me find my books. I was so afraid I would have to pay the cost of each of the three books I had borrowed. I am a senior on a fixed income, and any added expense means something else has to be sacrificed.

On Monday, I went to the library to face the music, but much to my surprise I was told the books were returned! Whoever found my books, thank you, thank you. You have restored my faith in the honesty of people!

Margaret Heu

Dear Margaret,

The books you borrowed will see themselves back on the shelf, but sometimes books are lost forever. Melinda Maltby Purdy, circulation assistant at Hawaii State Library, says the borrower should inform the library branch of the loss. “The borrower pays for the cost of the book, a processing fee and any overdue charges,” she says. “If the book is found within a year, some of the fees are reimbursed.” Since you are an avid reader, check out the Friends of the Library Sale this weekend (Jan. 17-19) at McKinley High School.

Dear Pamela,

My dashboard indicator showed that the tire pressure was low. I went to a service station to get some air and found it was all “do-it-yourself.” It was rainy, and I decided to ask a customer for assistance. Eugene from Kaimuki was there, after volunteering at the marathon. I attempted a monetary gift, but he declined. He said it was a good deed for the day.

Bernice Oshita
Moanalua Valley

Dear Bernice,

“That is the spirit of the Honolulu Marathon!” says race director Jim Barahal. “We are grateful for all the people who come down to lend their talents and support to the runners. Our volunteers largely come from school groups, church groups and sports clubs, so it would be difficult to find Eugene, but we are happy he continued his volunteerism to someone in need.”

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