Arming Yourself With Simple Exercises

At my middle school, there was a teacher whom the kids would tease because of her flabby arms. I remember so clearly the wrinkly skin sagging from her arm, swinging back and forth as she wrote on the chalkboard with her back to the class.

Of course, I didn’t make fun of her. But I admit to laughing when the other kids did.


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“When it comes to arm exercises, a lot of people think about biceps and shoulders, and tend to forget about the tricep,” says Heather Wong, trainer/manager at Egan’s Fitness Center.

Here, Wong shows us some simple tricep exercises you can do at home. She also suggests doing push-ups with your elbows close to your body, which work your tricep and lats.

Before becoming a trainer, Wong joined Egan Inoue’s Fit Body Bootcamp in 2010 to get fit as a new mom. Now 44, Wong says she’s in the best shape of her life. She teaches bootcamp at Egan’s Waipio location, and works out herself at least five times a week.