Area Schools Win Credit Union Cash

Credit unions can be big supporters of education here, and Hawaii State Federal CU has just proved it again by awarding nearly $20,000 to public schoolteachers across the state for much-needed supplies and support.

Five West Oahu area schools recently got the word that their requests are being funded (up to $500) by the credit union, as part of its annual Investing in Education program. The local 2013 winners are listed below. * Campbell High: Robin Fox needed to expand her reading library to ensure success and growth of the Response to Intervention program * Ewa Elementary: Jeri Iwasaki requested Chromebook laptops and a Canon wireless printer to double the amount of time each student spent using technology * Holomua Elementary: Melanie Rhoades requested an iPad to incorporate technology and digital learning into the classroom, using apps that provide 3-D images for visual learners * Kapolei Middle: Steve Markham wanted supplies for an aquaponics enrichment program that uses 98 percent less water for farming * Pearl City Highlands Elementary: Courtney Yamamoto needed an iPad for online learning to supplement work done in class, and to practice math facts.