Appreciating Anonymous Angels

Aloha Pamela,

While walking down the stairs of the restroom trailer at Aloha Stadium, I ended up falling really hard. A woman witnessed the entire event and helped me up. I was so embarrassed, I forgot to get her name. I’m not even sure if I told her thank you. I ended up going to the first aid station, and there was a couple who cleaned me up, wrote the report and reassured me that I didn’t need stitches. Thank you so much to the woman who helped me up and the couple who cleaned my wounds. You all were my angels that night.

U’ilani Young

Dear Pamela,

My husband and I went to see Superman on opening night. When the movie was over, we rushed out, and then I realized I didn’t have my purse. I panicked and rushed back in the theater with the crowd coming out the same time. My heart sank, but there she was, the angel in the dark holding my purse. She stayed and kept my purse safe, waiting for me to come back. I’m sorry I didn’t get her name, but I thanked her in my prayers for being an angel.

Dee Hansen

Dear Pamela,

I was walking my dog when three dogs, off-leash, came charging for him. Luckily, a passing motorist stopped and opened his tail-gate for us to get in, while he and some neighbors came out to chase the three dogs home. The Good Samaritan drove us to my car, and just as abruptly as he appeared, he left. I would like to take the opportunity to give him and the neighbors APPLAUSE for helping us through a nightmarish experience.

Grace Y.

Aloha Pamela,

I’m not sure if there is any chance this gentleman will see this, but we hope he does.

While returning from the Mainland for our daughter’s college graduation and wedding, we were stranded in San Francisco because of issues with our airline. A wonderful and generous man by the name of John, who resides in Makakilo, graciously invited us to share his cab (his treat) to the hotel where the airline put us up for the night. This was after many hours of frustration and waiting in the cold for a shuttle that the airline was supposed to provide for the passengers whose flight was ultimately cancelled.

Mahalo, John, for your generosity and kindness in a less than perfect situation! Most appreciated, and once again it proves my theory that Hawaii ohana takes care of each other!

Sheri Newman
Ewa Beach

Dear Pamela,

My wife, in-laws and I were hiking Manoa Falls, when this person hiking behind me asked, “What’s your name?” I responded, and then he handed me my wallet, which had some cash, all my credit cards and a Home Depot gift card worth $300. It’s not everywhere you find people who do the right thing. Living in Hawaii, I’m blessed to be surrounded by true aloha. He said he only hopes that someone will do the same for him one day.

Kenny Choi
Hawaii Kai

Dear Kenny, Sheri, Grace, Dee and U’ilani,

The more we experience the honesty and generosity of anonymous angels like yours, the more we are encouraged to emulate them. Goodwill is a language of its own. Despite differences in heritage and culture, everyone understands kindness.

If you know someone who deserves some Applause, send your letters to Pamela Young, MidWeek Applause, KITV, 801 S. King St., Honolulu, HI 96813, or email Include your name, phone number and, if possible, the phone number of your “applaudee.”