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Another Host Of Anonymous Angels

Dear Pamela,

Our 94-year-old Daddy accidentally locked himself out of the house while waiting for Mom to come home from day care, so he decided to walk a very dangerous eight blocks with no sidewalks to his daughter’s home. His angel Ofa found him on Judd Street, where she offered him a ride and brought him safely to his destination. We are so grateful that she saved him from certain injury or a possibly worse outcome. Lucky for Dad, she was in the right place at the right time! We can’t thank you enough for your concern and kind act.

Ho family

Aloha Pamela,

On a recent visit to Zippy’s Waikiki, a friend and I were recipients of an act of kindness. We found that some kind soul had picked up our lunch check! To the anonymous good Samaritan, our belated but sincere thanks for your kindness.

C. Lewis

Dear Pamela,

My friend had a hypoglycemic episode while waiting in the car for me as I had a doctor’s appointment. I would like to say thank you to a young woman and her son who came by and got him something to drink. I wish she and her family many blessings!

Robbie Lee

Dear Pamela,

You will never meet another angel like Kekai. He takes out my trash bins every week. When I’m doing something outside, he comes to help me without my asking. He is full of compassion and never seems to tire of helping our neighborhood ohana. He is a blessing.

Helen Murata

Dear Pamela,

My wife fainted while watching the Blue Angels air show. I would like to gratefully thank all the people who came to our aid, and thank you to the professionals of the joint base medical staff.

B. Edmunds
Pearl City

Dear B, Helen, Robbie, C, and Ho ohana,

As we enter the season of gratitude, we salute your angels for their quick thinking, care and readiness to come to a neighbor’s aid without thought of reward. They are living the Aloha Spirit.

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