Another Apple From Moniz Family Tree

Joshua Moniz tears up a wave in Brazil PHOTOS COURTESY WSL/POULLENOT

Joshua Moniz tears up a wave in Brazil PHOTOS COURTESY WSL/POULLENOT

Tony and Tammy Moniz are living proof of the old adage, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

The husband-and-wife team has raised five beautiful children. And, like their parents, the Moniz children share a love for the ocean and have excelled in the sport of surfing.

Daughter Kelia already has won two world titles as a long-board surfer, and brothers Micah, Isaiah, Joshua and Seth have won their share of surf contests as well.

In fact, Seth and Joshua have gone head-to-head in many professional events.

In late January, Seth won the Sunset Beach Pro Junior event. Two months later, the brothers were able to keep the Pipe Pro Junior Champion title in the family when 18-year-old Joshua took over the title that his younger brother Seth won in 2014. Seth finished fourth in 2015.

Then, just last month, Joshua kept up the family’s winning ways when he won the inaugural QS3000 Martinique Surf Pro in Brazil over Michael February of South Africa.

“I felt so good coming here; I really wanted to win,” says Joshua. “I knew this wave would kind of suit my surfing. I was pretty nervous in the final, but I’m so stoked to come out with a win. This is my first QS (Qualification Series) win ever, so I’m so happy.”

Joshua got off to a great start in the final against February and never let up. He said he was inspired knowing his family was watching him back home and knowing he had a chance to take a big step in his professional surfing career.

Moniz (left) on the winner's stage with runner-up Michael February

Moniz (left) on the winner’s stage with runner-up Michael February

“Even though he (February) was trailing, I know he had a chance of coming back,” he says. “He just really needed a wave, and they (the waves) just kept coming in.”

But despite the steady surf, Joshua widened the gap and was his way to an impressive victory.

“I’ve done QS’s before, but I’ve never won,” says Joshua, who grew up in Kuliouou in East Honolulu. “I knew Michael was super experienced with man-on-man heats, and I’ve watched a lot of his surfing and he surfs so well. I was super nervous going into the heat, and I knew he was capable of getting huge scores, so I’m super stoked to beat him.”

Since 2012, Joshua Moniz has steadily climbed the ladder in the QS rankings. In 2012, he was ranked 243rd, 166th in 2013, 134th in 2014. He’s currently ranked 14th in 2015 and riding the momentum of confidence.

With the victory, Joshua boosts his career winnings to a modest $41,875, but there is no doubt he is a star on the rise. He hopes Martinique Surf Pro will become an annual event.

“I hope they continue this contest because the wave is so fun and it’s not too often we get good waves like this in a contest,” says Joshua, who turns 19 in June. “It’s crazy, every heat guys were like getting 16 and 17 points, and that’s pretty rare to have in a contest. It was pretty stressful.”

When Joshua is not stressing or competing at a high level, he enjoys surfing at his favorite surf spot, Ehukai Beach. But, like his world champion sister Kelia, he lists Kewalos on Oahu’s South Shore as his home break.

Soon, though, he’ll be back in the ocean competing, and hopes eventually to get to the tour.

“Coming off the win in Hawaii, I had a lot of confidence,” says Joshua. “Hopefully I can keep it going.”

And if he’s anything like his siblings and his parents, this apple is only is going to get more shiny and sweet.