Anonymous Angels Sow Blessings

Dear Pamela,

I’d like to thank the woman who found my daughter’s wedding rings in the planetarium area of Bishop Museum. She turned them in to the lost and found, and my daughter recovered them and ended her vacation on an up note. Aloha lives!

Robert Foote

Dear Pamela,

Our 83-year-old mother fell in our driveway while getting the mail. A very compassionate man driving by got out of his car and made sure our mother was OK. I hope the driver reads this and knows our family is extremely thankful for his help.

June Arakaki

Dear Pamela,

I lost my balance and fell into the water at the lantern floating ceremony. A gentleman helped me up and a lady offered me her towel. I am very grateful for their concern. I also realized later I lost my eyeglasses, and I’m hoping if someone recovered them they would let you know. Mahalo!

Gail Miyashita

Aloha Pamela,

There is a wooden fence along Waialae Avenue fronting Ocean View Cemetery that is a magnet for taggers. An individual paints over the graffiti and recently painted the entire fence. We are very grateful to this Samaritan.

The Wong Leong Doo Benevolent Society

Dear Pamela,

I went to McDonald’s drive-through and had ordered dinner for my daughter and myself. When I got to the cashier’s window, she told me the person in the white car in front of me paid for my meal and then drove away.

This was such a kind gesture, one that I have read about others experiencing, and I could not believe that I was able to experience it, too. I would like to say thank you. It really brightened my day.

Deborah Tasato

Dear Pamela,

To the little girl who found my wallet at the Enchanted Lake McDonald’s, please see manager Kyla Ann Silva for your REWARD. I would appreciate it so much.

Jimmy Wong

Dear Jimmy, Deborah, Gail, June, Robert and Wong Leong Doo Society,

While these gestures of kindness and thoughtfulness mean so much to us as recipients, most donors are grateful to be in the right place at the right time to come to your aid. I am guessing that the best reward for them is for you to pay it forward.

If you know someone who deserves some Applause, send your letters to Pamela Young, MidWeek Applause, KITV, 801 S. King St., Honolulu, HI 96813, or email Include your name, phone number and, if possible, the phone number of your “applaudee” so we can contact him or her.