Anonymous Angels Save The Day

Dear Pamela,

This letter is long overdue. Two years ago I was returning to Aiea from Kaneohe when I noticed dark smoke behind me. I pulled over and saw the smoke coming from my back tire. My elderly mother and my husband’s elderly cousin were in the car. Just then this nice man stopped and offered help. He removed the tire and rolled it away from the car. Only then did I realize it was on fire and close to the gas tank. It could’ve been a deadly situation. He then put my spare on, and after making sure the fire on the old tire was out, he put it in my trunk. I wanted to treat him to lunch but he refused and said, “That’s not why I did this.” He jumped in his truck and drove off. I hope I didn’t insult him. We knew he used up his lunchtime. We shook-up seniors were so grateful. So kisses and hugs to you again. We have never forgotten your kindness.

Dee Sanches

Dear Pamela,

I’d like to say “mahalo plenty” to the Sunday morning painting crew who obliterated the graffiti on the Keolu skateboard walls earlier this month. They did a great job! We’re thankful for their efforts.

The Walkers

Dear Pamela,

I would like to let you know that chivalry still exists. I was stranded on the road with a flat tire on Likelike just before the Wilson Street “head” sign. I pulled to the curbside, waving for help like a crazy lady. A number of cars passed. Finally Mrs. Maa and her young son stopped. She called her husband. He came and pulled my car to a safer place. They got their neighbor to help me fix my flat. There are still people with aloha in their hearts. Thank you, Maa ohana, a thousand times and more!

L. Chang

Dear Pamela:

We want to say mahalo to a very nice couple we didn’t know who paid for our lunch at Helena’s Hawaiian Food the other day. This couple was with their 6-month-old mo’opuna. We struck up a conversation with them, noticing their mo’opuna resembled our great-mo’opuna so much in age and looks. We are an elderly couple, and this young couple made us feel so much at ease. They paid their bill and left. When we asked the waitress for our bill, she said the couple sitting on the next table paid for our lunch with the tip. It was so nice of them. I inquired what their names were, and would like to thank them. The waitress knew only his first name, Dean – the same name as my son, the grandfather of our great-mo’opuna. What a coincidence, the name Dean between this young gentleman and my son Dean, and his mo’opuna and my son Dean’s mo’opuna looked identical. We are both in our 80s, and to receive such a wonderful ALOHA from this couple is unforgettable. Their kindness and generosity will forever be in our hearts.

Lehua McColgan

Dear Lehua, Dee and the Walkers,

Aloha is the language of your Anonymous Angels. How blessed you were to be on the receiving end of their generosity, hospitality and kindness.