Anonymous Angels Are Everywhere

Dear Pamela,

While exiting the Sam’s Club Pearl City parking garage, I discovered my cell phone was not in my pocket. My husband pulled off to the side, we said a quick prayer and searched the car. It was not there, so my husband headed back to Sam’s Club. As we approached the same stall, my husband’s phone rang. Our son said Sam’s Club had just called and my phone was at customer service! Praise the Lord! The person who found it apparently parked nearby and turned it in. When I got my phone, I wrote a thank-you note and stuck it in her car door.

When we arrived home, we had a message from a very sweet-sounding gal who told us she had found my phone and left it at customer service. She had called from my phone, so I could not call her back and personally thank her. I did ask the Lord to bless this sweet, honest young lady.

Tina Ho’okano
Pearl City

Dear Pamela,

Four of us, friends from Waiau, got together to celebrate the holidays at Pearl-ridge Big City Diner. After lunch, we asked for the bill, and the waitress announced that someone had already paid for us and wanted to remain anonymous. We want to thank that person. May God greatly bless our angel, whoever he or she was. We all are so thankful and very grateful for the kindness and generosity shown to us.

Florence Miyahira

Aloha Pamela,

I am a wheelchair-bound 88-year-old woman who had a bad experience that turned into a blessing. Unknowingly, my handbag slipped off my chair. When I was ready to pay, I couldn’t find my handbag and I panicked. Shortly after, a clerk at customer service announced my name over the intercom. What a relief. I would like to thank whomever turned it in from the bottom of my heart. May you be blessed many, many times.

Janet M.

Dear Pamela,

I forgot my wallet after using the photocopying machine at Longs Kahala. As I headed to pick up a takeout dinner, I searched for my wallet and my heart sank! Long story short: The Longs assistant manager said a young lady turned in my wallet and did not leave a name. The wallet was intact, with a $100 was still there. I would dearly love to thank her personally. There are still honest people around.

Chiz T.

Dear Chiz, Janet, Florence and Tina,

In this busy time of year, it’s easy to forget the little details. Your items may have been temporarily lost, but what you found was renewed faith in the goodness of people.