Animal Lovers Rally For Mochi

Dear Pamela,

One Saturday night my dog Mochi ran away from home. Neighbors saw him run toward Salt Lake Boulevard and Aloha Stadium. I would like to thank the helpful stadium security guards. One guard even let my brother ride the security cart with him. Unfortunately we could not find our beloved Mochi.

The next day my family expanded our search. We visited Hawaiian Humane Society, placed Craig’s List and Facebook pleas, and put up lost dog posters in the Stadium/Halawa area. I would like to thank the Stadium McDonald’s, Kmart and Sack N Save for allowing us to put up posters. I would also like to thank Jeri, Susan, Gerald and Island Dog magazine for helping with our Internet search, and Linda for faxing all the veterinary clinics. Also a big thank you to our friends who re-posted our Facebook plea.

About 36 hours later we got a phone call from Anthony, who had seen our fliers. He said he saw Mochi get hit by a car Saturday night, but he also saw him Sunday limping around McDonald’s. We would like to thank him for the call. Our hearts sunk thinking about our Mochi injured and alone. Finally, a few hours later, we got a call from Sherman from Crosspointe – he had found Mochi! Mochi was sleeping in the bushes near the Crosspointe bus stop.

Mochi was hungry and tired but he was not hurt! We would like to thank all of our family and friends for helping us find Mochi, and for their prayers. Also a special thank you to Aunty Jane, Papa and Grandma Anbe, Karli, Brent and Gerald. Mochi is a rascal dog, but he is a part of our family.

Christy and Thomas Chang

Dear Christy and Thomas,

“I’m an animal lover,” says Sherman Pracht, quality assurance specialist at Hickam Air Field. “I saw the sign on a pole and recognized the dog immediately. It was the first time I reunited a lost pet with its owners. It felt good.”

Aloha Pamela,

As I finished at the Costco Iwilei gas station my battery died … click-click-click. There were cars all around and behind me.

Employee Bryson came to our car, pushed us out of the lines, calmly reassuring us.

Very soon a man in a truck with a portable starter kit gave us a jump. I am so grateful that Costco has people-oriented, hardworking employees like Bryson. I wish to commend him for his helpful attitude and nominate him as Employee of the Year!

Mae Chang

Dear Mae,

“That’s a great letter. We’ll take that one!” says Costco manager Trevor Martin. “An employee appreciation commendation will go into Bryson Chock’s file. We appreciate her comments.”

Dear Pamela,

The hearts of my family are so touched by the sheer goodness in people. My 96-year-old dad had just finished his lunch at Makai Court at Ala Moana Center when he suddenly became unresponsive. We suspected a stroke.

Two strangers gave critical assistance. The first gentleman lifted him from his chair and gently laid him on the floor per the advice of the 911 operator. The second gentleman advised us that he needed to be on his side and repositioned him. Within a few minutes of their actions, Dad regained consciousness. We are happy to say that after a visit to emergency at Queen’s, he is back to his old feisty self. To these two men, to the 911 operator, the paramedics, the Ala Moana security guard, and the emergency staff at Queen’s, thank you so much for caring and giving.

Samori family
Waipio Gentry

Dear Samoris,

It was a team effort. The EMS dispatcher that day was Sherry-Ann Murphy. Responding to the scene were EMTs Jake Styner, Alisa Tui, Michael Thompson and paramedic Jennifer Altomare.