Angels Who Come To Save The Day

Dear Pamela,

While waiting in line at the Pearl City Walmart checkout, a young mother with a small child was in front of me paying for her purchases. Then she got a gift card to purchase and apologized to me for the delay. When my turn came, the clerk told me the young woman left the card for me to pay for my purchases. I tried to see if I could catch up with her outside but couldn’t find her. I wanted to tell her how much her act of kindness meant to me. I’m a senior, and she probably saw me limping a little from an injured knee. I thank God there are still angels out there.

Mary Lou Brown
Pearl City

Aloha Pamela,

I was at Kapahulu Zippy’s with a friend when my wallet must have slipped out of my back pocket and fell without my noticing it. We left Zippy’s, and an hour later noticed that I no longer had my wallet. We proceeded to retrace our steps. At Zippy’s we talked to the cashier, who immediately asked for my name and produced my wallet, saying I look exactly like my picture and that the person who found my wallet did not leave a name. Thank you for reminding me that honesty and integrity still exist. God bless you and your family, and keep up the good work. I know it will catch on.

Dennis Josiah

Dear Pamela,

I always read APPLAUSE because it is uplifting and encouraging. I never thought that I would actually be writing to you. My husband, granddaughter, daughter and I were on our way home from church when we ran over something and a tire went flat. My husband got out to change the tire, and we could feel the vibrations of the cars and trucks “flying” by. I got out to try to help him, but mostly to make sure the oncoming cars could see us stopped there and move over or at least slow down. It’s a very scary feeling, as anybody who’s been stuck on a busy freeway would know. Then our angel pulled up in a black Scion. I only got his first name, which was Shawn. He changed our tire in no time and put us at ease. We can’t thank Shawn enough for his unselfish, random act of kindness and pray that God will continually bless him.

Karen A. Lopez

Aloha Pamela,

While dining at an Ala Moana Center restaurant, my grandmother lost her footing and fell on the way to the restroom. Other women in the restroom helped my grandmother to her feet. You were all very gracious, strong and caring. I wanted to thank you and let you know that my grandmother is fine and did not suffer any injuries from the terrible fall. I cannot express my gratefulness that all of you were there to help her.

Thank you from the Yokogawa family.

Amy Mori

Dear Amy, Karen, Dennis and Mary Lou,

The greatest reward your Anonymous Angels can receive is the knowledge that you are all safe and well. Mahalo for recognizing their selflessness and aloha.