Angels For Pets, Too

Dear Pamela,

I was at Pet Smart one day buying dog food and found that I didn’t have enough money in my checking account. I was visibly upset and the cashier said to wait a minute. She went back to the display, brought out two more 12-packs and put them on her own credit card, saying “Forget it, I’ve been there.” Brenae, I really wish to thank you and I am going to try to pay you back. God bless you.

June Luippold

Dear June,

Pet Smart sales associate Brenae Allison says there was no way she was going to let you leave without food for your dog. “She had tears in her eyes,” she says. “I know what that feels like. I’ve experienced that. She said she was going to pay me back, but I told her I would not take any money. It was a gift. That’s why we’re here, isn’t it? To help each other.”

Dear Pamela,

I would like to thank and express my warmest appreciation to the staff of Aloha Air Cargo. We needed to transport my lovebirds to Oahu from Maui. When we arrived they were already closed, but with the help of the staff they all came to my aid.

They told me we could pick them up the next day, but with much surprise we got a phone call around 12 a.m. that they already arrived. I would like to especially thank the Maui staff for going the extra mile in helping me and caring for the birds, and for the staff on Oahu for caring for them til we picked them up. Our lovebirds are well and liking their new home. We are forever grateful.

Narcissus Nani Hee

Dear Nani,

Aloha Air Cargo’s “Loveable Pet Air Service” program is just what your lovebirds needed. “We average about 1,800 animal shipments per year,” says COO Pat Rosa. “You can find the truth in the heart of our employees by the care and treatment they provide the animals we ship. These animals are considered our human passengers. Maui supervisor Anu Dugay and crew chief Glenn Yayoshi used their best judgment and accommodated the lovebird shipment on our next flight to Honolulu. Immediate phone calls were made to inform Narcissus that the birds had arrived safely and they were ready for pickup. With most shipments we will allow the customer to pick up their pets after business hours because of the delicate nature of some of these animals. The sooner the union between the animal and owner is made, the better it is for both.”

Dear Pamela,

The Handi-Van is heavensent to me, from the reservation office to all the drivers. I have been riding the van for three months. It takes me wherever I go from my front door and back again. I could not ask for more. I do not mind the wait at times because I get so much from their service.

Evelyn Pregana

Dear Evelyn,

Your comments are much appreciated by the team that provides this vital service. “Thanks so much for your letter of APPLAUSE,” says Michelle Kennedy of The-Handi-Van. “Our staff strives to provide the best possible customer service to our riders.”