Angels On The Move

Dear Pamela,

I was walking my grandson around Magic Island while his mother attended canoe practice. Unbeknownst to me, I lost my car keys and didn’t realize it until we returned to the car. We walked the parking lot several times asking people. Thankfully, Cynthia had found the keys earlier and called HPD to turn them in. She was worried that someone would use the alarm to see which car it opened. She would not take any reward for her honesty and kindness. Please thank her on behalf of my family for her kind deed!

Erminie Reyes
Alewa Heights

Dear Pamela,

I was driving along Kamehameha Highway when my car started smoking. It was pouring rain and I wanted to cry. I called my friend Sharon, and she said she and her boyfriend would be there to pick me up. Before they arrived, a man named Kona came by and looked under the hood. He said I had no coolant in the car. He just happened to have some, so he got it and poured it in my car. Then he gave me his phone number and said to call if I had any problems driving home.

Another man named Eddie came over and checked out the whole car. What angels these four people were! I was so scared and alone. You all are the greatest!

Connie Cochran

Aloha Pamela,

One morning my car lost power and stopped on Hawaii Kai Drive fronting Mawaena Kai townhouse complex. A woman stopped, concerned for my safety. She and my brother pushed my car into the driveway. I want to thank her and the other drivers for stopping. Your actions made a very stressful situation much easier.

Carol Aramaki
Hawaii Kai

Dear Pamela,

I was driving in Nanakuli and making a left turn into Food Mart. The person in the car going the opposite way stopped to let me go. The next car was in the middle, so she couldn’t back up or pull forward. So to clear the way for me, she pulled into the lot and then turned around to get back into traffic. I really appreciate her on-the-spot decision to allow me to turn and not hold up traffic. Much mahalo to her.

Yvonne Llewellyn
Salt Lake

Dear Pamela,

I’d like to thank a wonderful couple for coming all the way from Waikiki to bring my son’s driver’s license that was lost at Sunset Beach. I couldn’t get their names. Thank you again, good, wonderful people. May you be blessed.

William Torres

Dear Pamela,

Mahalo nui loa to the men and women who came to my rescue when my car stalled exiting the parking lot of Teddy’s Bigger Burgers on Makaloa Street. They banded together and pushed my car off the street. The woman also called a tow company. Mahalo to AAA, too. I didn’t get any of their names to thank them properly.

This is the spirit of aloha!


In this day and age when road rage is a constant threat, it is encouraging to read of your encounters with Automotive Anonymous Angels, who have the heart to offer assistance when you are facing danger or distress. Your Good Samaritans deserve a round of APPLAUSE!

If you know someone who deserves some Applause, send your letters to Pamela Young, MidWeek Applause, KITV, 801 S. King St., Honolulu, HI 96813. Include your name, phone number and, if possible, the phone number of your “applaudee” so we can contact him or her.