Angels Are Everywhere, Apparently

Hi Pamela,

My 83-year-old mom and I were riding the escalator at Pearlridge when she lost her balance and began to fall backward. I tried to get a grip on her, but she slipped through my hands. Out of nowhere, a young man appeared behind us and braced her before she fell.

I don’t even want to imagine what would’ve happened if he wasn’t there to catch her! He held onto her until we reached the top of the escalator. I was so concerned with having her sit down that I didn’t realize this young man also retrieved a charm that had fallen off of my mom’s purse. He graciously returned it to her and went on his way. I deeply regret I didn’t get his name. I hope he sees this because his quick actions saved her life! I am so, so grateful!

Lisa Yamada
Pearl City

Dear Pamela,

Someone special came to my son’s aid while flying to Las Vegas last month. My son fainted outside the lavatory, possibly from dehydration. I saw him lying in the aisle with a lady who I thought was the flight attendant. This lady, whose name was Violeta, was kneeling in the aisle constantly checking his pulse and blood pressure, as well as administering water and orange juice for nearly two hours. My son felt well after a while and returned to his seat for landing. It was very refreshing to see one of our citizens come to my son’s aid. For this, I wish to thank and recognize this Angel in the sky.

Inouye ohana

Dear Pamela,

My angel was Thomas, who appeared at my car as I tried to call for roadside assistance. He heard the clicking of my engine and knew to retrieve his jumper cables. His lovely female companion approached my window and said, “Don’t worry. He’s a mechanic.” Thomas soon had the car running and even said he could change the battery for me. I was so humbled and grateful.

Kathryn Kimi

Dear Pamela,

My 95-year-old mom and I went to visit my father’s grave at Diamond Head Cemetery. As my mother got out of the car, her walker rolled backward and she fell. A guardian angel named Elizabeth suddenly appeared, picked up my mom and placed her gently in the walker seat. She then proceeded to push my mom across the grass, respectfully maneuvering around the headstones all the way to my father’s niche. Everything happened so fast, I barely had time to thank her before she zipped away. I hope our angel sees this so she will know I will be forever grateful for her help that day.

Carol Sakamoto

Dear Carol, Kathryn, Inouyes and Lisa,

English novelist George Eliot (a pen name, born Mary Anne Evans) had a perfect explanation and description of the angels you encountered.

“The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.”

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