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Angels Abound After Kailua Car Crash

Dear Pamela,

I was driving across Kailua Road when I was hit on the driver’s side. I would like to thank Herman with Wind-ward Shuttle, who stopped to see if I was all right. Also, a man named Gary, who tried to get my door open and stayed with me until the police came. Officer F. Wheeler from the Kailua station made me feel more at ease and went out of his way to help me. They were all awesome. Much aloha to them!

Zoe Alferes

Dear Zoe,

Officer Francis Wheeler already has a well-established alias as On-Duty Angel, according to his superiors. “Hearing he went out of his way to help a citizen isn’t surprising,” says Acting Maj. Dagan Tsuchida of District 4 (Windward Oahu). “In addition to his patrol duties, Officer Wheeler also has been instrumental in addressing property crime in Kailua.”

Dear Pamela,

I have called the Department of Human Services for information regarding food stamps but could never get any help except referrals. I attended the recent Kupuna Power Day Program at the state Capitol and was most fortunate to meet Faith Kalamu, a community health out-reach worker. She was very helpful with my issue. I gave her my name and number.

The very next day she called and I made an appointment to speak to her. She helped me fill out the necessary papers. I cannot ask for more than what she has done for me. She should be awarded the Medal of Good Merit.

Philip Ho

Dear Philip,

Hopefully Faith will read of your gratitude in this column, since she is not an employee of the Department of Human Services.

“It could be someone from a nonprofit, as it indicates a ‘health outreach worker,'” says DHS communications specialist Kayla Rosenfeld. “Staff from nonprofits sometimes provide assistance to their clientele in applying for benefits.” For all the organizations assisting seniors in their efforts to live independently, a big mahalo.

A note from MidWeek reader Linda Sakuma:

I got a call from a dear friend. She was all teary and told me that she had just read your column and was deeply touched. She’s a retired nurse, and I think it meant a lot to her that people never forget those who are kind to them when they are dealing with serious medical conditions.

The Applause column is such a great idea, especially after watching the evening news about all the evil in the world. I’ve often wondered why God doesn’t just get rid of all of us and start over, and then I read about the good people in this world. Does give one hope after all!