Angelic Encounters Islandwide

Aloha Pamela,
I am very grateful to the lady and the young couple who stopped to help me when I fell outside Office Depot. They were all so concerned and kind. I’m a big woman, and I was worried about having them help me up and leaning my weight on them, because of possible injury to them. They waved that aside with smiles. I hope they all had a wonderful day. Lucky we live Hawaii. It’s inspiring to need assistance now and then because angels arrive and we’re reminded of how many wonderful people live among us. How many communities even have a feature like Applause, let alone people who fill it with great stories day after day?

Big Mama

Dear Pamela,
I lost my wallet at the Town Center of Mililani. I was a nervous wreck. To the Good Samaritan who found my wallet and turned it in to Cookie Corner, I am so thankful for her honesty. Again, I want to say thank you and much aloha to the honest person who turned in my wallet.

J. English

Dear Pamela,
For two days I could not find my cell phone, which I last used at the lantern-floating event on Memorial Day. My friend had called my phone and someone at the customer service desk at Costco in Kapolei answered it. Apparently, someone at the lanterns event found my phone and turned it in to Costco. A big mahalo to that person for turning in, and for Costco for holding it as a lost-and-found item, even though it was not found in its store!

Maybe, just maybe, my mother, Dorothy Napoleon, had a little bit to do with this recovery. She died last May. The lantern that I launched at the event was in memory of her, my father, Nathan Napoleon, and my nephew Joel Botelho.

Nanette Napoleon

Dear Pamela,
It is said that “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Another truth is: “You can’t judge a person by their looks (profiling).” I had my car polished at this booth on Ward Avenue, across from Blaisdell box office. I paid the person, but did not know two bills were stuck together. He could have kept the money, but instead he came after me, returned the other bill and told me I had given him too much.

These guys are not only honest, but I give them credit for earning their money. Sorry, I did not get their names, but many thanks for a lesson well learned.

Philip Ho

Dear Philip, Nanette, J. and Big Mama,

It’s true that angels often come in all shapes, sizes and colors. And lucky for us they arrive when we least expect them and when we most need them.