An Island Full Of Good Samaritans

Dear Pamela,

Before walking to the grocery store with my dog, I had put my driver’s license and credit card in a reusable bag along with my “dog” bags. I got to the grocery store to discover my license was missing. Three days later, I received my license with an unsigned note saying it was found by the Dumpster at Waialae Gardens (where I disposed of my dog bag). I wanted to say mahalo to the person who found my license and took the time to send it back to me. That person reinforced my belief that people in Hawaii are wonderful, and living here is special.

Robin Nunn
Waialae Nui

Hi Pamela,

My car battery died in the middle lane at Pali and Vineyard. One man tried to help jump my battery. Tom – the only one whose name we got – parked his car at Longs and walked back over, and the last was a passing skateboarder who chose to help. The three of them all helped to push my car across a lane of traffic to safety. Tom even checked up on me and my grandmother afterward, to make sure we were getting a tow truck. I hope they know how grateful we are. It’s heartening to know there are folks out there willing to go out of their way to lend a hand.

D. Lau

Dear Pamela,

My husband and I went to the Kam Swap Meet, then to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. My husband overdid the walking and his legs gave out. A great guy, “Bob,” asked if he could help. Bob helped my husband across the walkway and down the ramp, then he took us home. It was 20 minutes out of his way. We offered to pay, but Bob refused. He is a construction worker. What a wonderful and kind person.

Guy and Nikki Buchanan

Dear Pamela,

My husband went to renew his commercial driver’s license. On the way back to the parking lot, he dropped his Social Security card. We called CDL, and the man said someone just turned it in. I want to say a big mahalo to the person who found it and the staff of CDL.

N. Kaeo
Ala Aolani

Aloha Pamela,
I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to my angel, who turned in my wallet at the Kailua McDonald’s. I had placed it on the seat and left without it. Upon arriving home, there was a message on my machine that someone found my wallet and turned it in to the manager. Mahalo to my angel and the managers of Kailua McDonald’s.

Robin Flanagin

Dear Pamela,

My wife had a flat tire on the freeway. Everyone was passing by and no one stopped. Then Malcolm came by and changed her tire. He lent her his phone so she could call me. May God bless him and his family. Thank you, Malcolm. I did not get a last name.

Howard Bird

Dear Pamela,

After attending a concert at the Blaisdell, I fell on my okole! A gentleman rushed over and asked, “Are you all right?” He pulled me up, and a young lady waited with me until the taxi arrived. I wish to relay my sincerest mahalo and aloha to my angels for their loving response to this 87-year-old when I needed help.

Mabel Slear

Dear Pamela,

I wanted to commend the young man at Target Kapolei who found my son’s Nintendo 3DS in one of their carts and promptly returned it to guest services. Thanks to this young man, it made me realize that there are still decent and honest people in this world. I wish I had gotten his name. Thank you so much! God bless.

Vangie Dominguez

To all our lucky recipients of kind gestures from Anonymous Angels:

In all likelihood, your Samaritans didn’t give a second thought to their acts of thoughtfulness and generosity, yet they made a tremendous difference to you. Mahalo for your attitude of gratitude!