An Angel Answers A Freeway Prayer

Dear Pamela Young,

My name is Sheung-Yee. I am 9 years old. Me and my mother and my sister were driving to our grandparents’ apartment for a brunch. We were on the freeway and then suddenly … BOOM! Our back tire exploded because there was a sharp black thing that we could not see which popped our tire. Luckily my mom saw the object and swerved out of the way before it could hit our front tire. I was so surprised that I just thanked the Lord for preventing us from crashing. My mom was so thankful, too, that she started praying. “Dear God, we thank you very much for protecting us. Amen.” We called my father to come and help, while my mother started getting out the spare tire. A very nice man named Ken stopped in front of us and started helping us. He did all the work. Before my father arrived, Ken was finished. Then he gave us a blanket to put the tire in our trunk. He was so nice that he waited in his car until my father came. When he saw my father, he left. My mother told the story at the apartment, and my grandmother said that he must have been sent by God.


Dear Sheung-Yee,

Your mother, Anila Yiu, said she was going to ask your help composing a letter to APPLAUSE in MidWeek, but was astounded that you finished the letter by yourself. “You know, he doesn’t even do his homework with such eagerness,” she says.

Dear Pamela,

I wanted to send kudos out to Kaneohe Police Officer Daniel. The other day while I was at work, my 12-year-old son decided he was going to go to Yogi’s to buy chicken feed for his chickens. I approved this venture thinking he would obtain a ride to and from by a family member. Instead my independent son walked off on his own to Yogi’s in Kaneohe.

My son ended up buying a 50-pound bag of chicken feed (mind you, he only weighs 90 pounds), and proceeds to carry this 50pound bag of feed back to my mother’s house on foot, which is quite a distance away. A kind police officer sees my son with his huge bag of chicken feed, and gives him and his bag of feed a ride home.

I want to thank this officer from Kaneohe for being a good guy. I appreciate him and want to thank him for this sincere, heartfelt act of kindness. I am grateful to have him serving our community here on the Windward side!

Taryn Napoleon

Dear Taryn,

Capt. D. Tsuchida of District 4 (Kailua-Kaneohe-Kahuku) is unaware of an officer named Daniel, but he thanks you for your letter. “We would like to thank Ms. Napoleon for taking the time to acknowledge one of our officers,” he says. “We strive to make a positive impact in the community every day, whether it is enforcing the law or helping the citizens of our community with everyday tasks.