Alec Chinna

Jo McGarry photo

Cook, Murphy’s Bar and Grill

Where were you born and raised? Right here in Honolulu. I’m a graduate of Farrington High School.

What started your interest in cooking and the restaurant industry? My mom was a great cook always cooked those simple, comfort food kind of dishes, so I learned a lot from home. I liked the kitchen work as soon as I started.

Where was your first job? In 1979 I started working at The Plaza Club as a dishwasher.

What is it about the industry that appeals? The people you work with are really important, and here at Murphy’s we have a good crew. Plus, for me, it’s close to home and it’s good work. I’ve been here more than 12 years now. There’s a lot to love about being in this kitchen (laughs … loudly)

Do you cook at home? Oh, not too much. When you’ve been cooking all day, you don’t really feel like cooking too much at home. But I make local kine food, you know, really simple things, the same things we grew up eating.

What’s always in your fridge? Best Foods mayonnaise always!

Best dish on the menu at the restaurant? I don’t know about the best one they’re all pretty good. The burgers are really popular. There’s a Cajun burger, an Irish burger with Cashel bleu cheese, and there’s one with Guinness Cheddar. They’re all good.

Ever since Diners Drive Ins and Dives, you guys have been making a few extra portions of Irish stew, I hear. Every dish that was on TV we make so many more portions of now! The Irish stew used to be popular, but since Triple D we now sell more than 100 a week.

What’s a favorite way to spend time off? I like to go fishing or crabbing. Catching something good and then taking it home to eat is always fun.

You do an incredible amount of fundraisers at Murphy’s throughout the year. Well, it’s something we all want to do at Murphy’s. Our boss has a big heart, and we all want to give back to our community in some way. When you do it through food, it’s easy for people to raise money and have a good time.