Aiding Philippine Typhoon Victims

Dear Pamela:

I would like to thank the following people at Hawaii Medical College for giving their help and support to my family, who were victims of the Flood Sendong in the Philippines. Through their support, I was able to send boxes of clothes and canned goods to my brother and his family, who have nothing left because of Typhoon Sendong. Everything, including their house, got wiped out by the flood. Special thanks to Nida Ortega and her class, Lesley Masumoto and Lane Muraoka. I also thank the management of HMC for their kind understanding and care.

Josephine E.L.
Busano, Waipahu

Dear Josephine,

Nida Ortega says it was a good lesson in how current events have an impact on real people. “Josephine had pictures of her family and the damage in the Philippines. That made a difference to the students,” she says. “Everyone gave a little something. Lesley and Lane were instrumental in the effort.”

Dear Pamela,

Last month I dropped my checkbook while at Pearl City’s 7-Eleven. Someone found it and later returned it to the Aiea 7-Eleven. Unfortunately, he/she didn’t leave a name or contact number. The store sent it to the 7-Eleven main office. The woman at the office, I think her name is Rose, found my number in the phone book and left me a message on my answering machine. It turns out she lives a few blocks away from me and ended up driving to my house to drop off my checkbook.

When I got my checkbook back, I was shocked to see three $100 bills inside. I really want to say thank you to all the honest people who came in contact with my checkbook and cash. I also wanted to thank the woman from 7-Eleven, who not only took the time to call me, but also drove to my house to drop off my lost items.

Luane Higuchi,
Pearl City

Dear Luane,

Your 7-Eleven angel is Rose Cabalar in the accounting department. A 7-Eleven spokesperson says employees do their best to find the owners of lost items and follow a protocol that usually results in a happy ending.