A True Hero To Tortured Pigeons

Dear Pamela,

I would like to send a heartfelt mahalo to a hero who came to the rescue of a tortured pigeon.

A sadistic person got his kicks by tying the legs of two pigeons with a nylon fishing line. They were hanging upside down by one leg from the monkeypod tree in front of Kapiolani Bandstand. They were flapping their wings frantically as they tried to get free, but to no avail. It was a heartbreaking and painful sight.

One pigeon was hanging within reach, about 7 feet from the ground. A kind man got a chair and rescued it. The second pigeon was much too high to reach, so the poor pigeon kept flapping in a desperate panic.

After an hour, an angel of a man appeared with his tree trimming extension branch cutter. He calmly and expertly cut the nylon line and the second pigeon fell to the ground exhausted and wounded, but alive.

Although we did not get his name, all of us who were rooting for the pigeon are extremely grateful to this kindhearted and compassionate man.

H. Suzuki

Dear H.,

They may be considered pests by some, but pigeons play a role in our ecosystem as well. Unfortunately, there are few facilities with the equipment or resources to rescue birds. The Bird Sanctuary hotline offers first aid advice, but lists veterinarians who can treat injured birds, including The Pet Doctor in Kahala and Mililani Mauka Vet Clinic.

Aloha Pamela,

Many people stopped to give their time and help at a car accident in Kalihi. My car was the 2004 gray Toyota Echo. A tall, young guy helped me out of the my car and asked, “Auntie, Auntie, you OK? Come outside, Auntie,” and a guy helped to guide the traffic. I saw him with his cell phone making calls for help. And there was a lady who asked me if I was all right.

There are not enough thank yous to give all these people. The people of Kalihi Valley have so much aloha!

Thank you to my good friend Celi for her love and support. To the police and paramedics who helped give their aid to me and the lady who hit my car, thank you so much!

Kathryn Trilles

Dear Kathryn,

The paramedic on the scene was Dawne Tsuha and the EMT was Tiana Ahue from Charlie One based at Kuakini hospital.

“MICT Tsuha and EMT Ahue responded to Ms. Trilles motor vehicle collision last month,” says Honolulu Emergency Services spokeswoman Shayne Enright. “While EMS always is going to be there to treat our communities’ sick and injured, it is heartwarming to receive a thank you from the public. We also are glad to hear Ms. Trilles has made a full recovery.”

Dear Pamela,

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the honest person who turned in my $900 cash, bank book and other papers. Mahalo to the security police at Ala Moana Center and Honolulu Police Department, which called me to come identify and pick up my cash and bank book when they were found. A guardian angel found my items and turned them in to Ala Moana Security. God bless him or her who chose to do the honorable thing!

Diana Chiao

Dear Diana,

“We are very happy to know that Mrs. Chiao received her lost belongings in good order,” says Scott Creel of General Growth. “Ala Moana Center’s public safety officers (PSOs) strive to assist all customers with whatever issue may come to them, be it directions to a particular store, bus information and, in this case, lost and found. In the event a customer thinks they may have lost something while shopping, or perhaps comes across an unattended item, we recommend calling 942-2944 to tell the dispatcher of the found or lost item, and our team will dispatch a PSO to meet the customer on property.”