A Town Truly Filled With Angels

Dear Pamela,

I was sitting in my car having a deep conversation with my boyfriend about my daughter not coming home for three days. I was worried and very upset, when all of a sudden this lady sticks her hand in the window and says, “Just because,” and hands me McDonald’s and Burger King coupons worth $5.

I was so lost for words, I started to cry.

She looked at me and said, “She will be all right.” Giving her a hug, I said, God be with you. I introduced us and with a smile she said her name was Stephine.

Stephine, you are truly a godsend from heaven. Your act of kindness touched my heart and I wasn’t feeling worried and upset any more. That day is something I will never forget.

Jamie Kahalehoe

Aloha Pamela,

Recently my family was dining at an Ala Moana Center restaurant when my grandmother lost her footing and fell on the way to the restroom.

Other women in the restroom helped my grandmother to her feet. You were all very gracious, strong and caring.

I wanted to thank you all and let you know that my grandmother is fine and did not suffer any injuries from the terrible fall. I cannot express my gratefulness that all of you were there to help her. Mahalo from the Yokogawa family.

Amy Mori

Hi Pamela,

I wanted to send a shout out to two very selfless gentlemen who stopped to help me with my motorcycle when it stalled multiple times on the H-1 by Makakilo.

The engine started to cough and choke around Red Hill, so by the time I was about six miles out from my friend’s house, I had already restarted it many times, and my battery was going dead from the multiple starts.

I didn’t want to just abandon my bike, so I tried to push it as far as I could. Luckily, Ted (who wore an orange T-shirt with a logo saying “Cement Division”) stopped to give my battery a jump start, and he even followed me all the way to my friend’s house in Makakilo to make sure I got there OK!

The return trip to town was another nightmare: The engine stalled out again just after I got onto the H-1. Mark was the only one who stopped to help (he said he had a few Harleys himself).

After a jump start, he followed me to Waipahu and even waited while I got a gallon of gas! Both men refused any payment for their trouble and time, and I only got their first names. I hope they both read this so they know how deeply appreciative I am for their help that day.

Jackie Young,

Dear Jamie, Amy and Jackie,

People tend to think of angels as saintly beings who pop up when we need them most, when they are really all around us all the time.

And there are moments when we see a fellow soul in need that inspire us to find the angels within ourselves.

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