A Thriving Example Of ‘Forever Young’

At Honolulu Community College’s recent commencement exercises, Uncle Tom was bestowed with his latest hit — an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from University of Hawaii, in recog-nition for his contributions to the entertainment industry in Hawaii, especially in music and culture. In addition to its academic origin, this award really hit home for the ageless Moffatt, who says, “One of the reasons I came to Hawaii from Michigan in the early ’50s was to attend UH. Unfortunately, I never finished because I got drafted by the Army after completing two years of college. Then, when the Korean War ended, I couldn’t pass up a golden opportunity to start my professional broadcasting career on KGU radio at the tender age of 21. Now, after all these years, this degree brings me full circle with my original goal with my dream university: Hawaii. That’s why this honorary degree is extremely special and means a lot to me personally.”

One wouldn’t blame Uncle Tom, given all that he has accomplished, if he did take a step back and state that it’s time for the big “R” word to come forth. We graciously would oblige by loudly proclaiming, “Thanks for the memories, Uncle Tom!” But, according to Moffatt, “I am far from being pau.”

Check out the bucket list of tasks he has on his agenda. He has expressed to me repeatedly that far and away his No. 1 goal is to stage a Paul McCartney concert in Aloha Stadium. Now that would be incredible, and if anyone can pull it off, it would be “Dr.” Tom Moffatt.

Second on his list is to stage a Pacific island-hopping concert tour with local acts and headliners such as Buffett to destinations like Guam, Saipan, Tahiti, Palau and Bali.

It was Moffatt who first took Kalapana and C&K to perform on Guam in the ’70s — which is why they have enjoyed a loyal following through the decades in Micronesia — and producing a tour of that nature would only add to his reputation as “Showman of the Pacific.”

Personally, he wants to satisfy his penchant for travel and adventure by doing a tour by train of the majestic Canadian Rockies.

One thing we know for sure: There is never a dull moment. It’s only good times when Uncle Tom is around and about!