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A Successful Social Media Sleuth

Dear Pamela,

I would like to send a big mahalo to Julia and Kalani Porter of Kapolei. You both are truly my ANGELS sent from heaven! Words alone cannot express how thankful I am! (Tears still flowing!)

A couple weeks ago, I lost my wedding ring. I didn’t realize it until two days later. While driving to work, I glanced down at my nails and realized my ring was gone. I had recently lost some weight, so my ring was really loose!

I was devastated! After two weeks of praying and searching everywhere, I finally left it in God’s hands to find my ring. A friend asked me if I posted it on Craigslist under lost and found. This is what I posted: “Lost my wedding ring a couple weeks ago. My husband sold his truck to buy me this ring! Praying to find my ring of 16 years.”

I went home that evening and posted it anyway, just in case! The very next day I got an email from Kalani Porter saying he think he may have found my wedding ring! I almost fainted! They met me that night to return my ring! Tears were flowing, and I could not believe how blessed I was to have my ring returned.

Sunny Lee-Oshiro

Dear Sunny,

Thank goodness for social media! This was posted on Julia and Kalani Porter’s Facebook: “Three or so weeks ago, my hubby and I found a diamond ring at Kapolei Shopping Center. Days went on and I forgot about it.

Yesterday, my hubby came home, browsing on his phone and asked me if this picture looked like the ring we found. I compared the two and it looked exactly like it. Immediately, an email was sent to contact this person.

After a few emails, texts and a picture, we found the owner. We met up with her after Crossfit last night and the ring is in its rightful place. She was so happy. It wasn’t what she said, but it was the tears that said it all.

I am truly blessed that my husband is the man he is and never gave up looking.”

Julia Porter says she’s been on both ends of the “lost and found” situation. “It’s a miracle when something you lose finds its way back to you,” she says. “I give 100 percent credit to my husband for his persistence.”

Dear Pamela,

Sometimes we need to be reminded we do have a large military presence in the Islands that serves our country in peace and war. Unless we have a family member, a relative or a friend who is in the military or has served our country, we sometimes forget about a sense of deep appreciation we should have.

Weekends at Airport Honolulu Hotel and Best Western Plaza off Nimitz is when and where you can usually find an entire military family relaxing and enjoying breakfast. Often local customers offer to pay the tab of a military families’ breakfast at another table. Sometimes the locals request secrecy or other times they go up to the military families and thank them for serving our country.

As we say in the Islands, it is a “chickenskin moment” … for the soldier, his family and you. God Bless our Troops and Aloha!

Keith Fujita

Dear Keith,

Mahalo for your reminder that many families stationed here are far away from loved ones. You are indeed fortunate to work at Airport Honolulu Hotel and Best Western to see these acts of kindness and aloha every weekend.

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