A Speedy New Edge For Windows 10

Microsoft recently announced its new Windows 10 browser called Edge. It gives you the ability to write directly on Web pages and share them, read online articles without distractions or use the offline reading feature for convenience.

Edge will not run in older versions of Windows, or support ActiveX, Browsers Helper objects (BHOS), VBScript and third-party toolbars built for Internet Explorer (IE) 11. For the organizations that still require Internet Explorer, Microsoft will maintain the browser with security fixes (as long as it supports Windows 10).

This new browser will give you speedier, richer browsing, hopefully on par with Google Chrome or Firefox. Because of the lack of backward-compatibility, Edge is built with a more optimized code base than IE. Microsoft used MSHTML, its proprietary layout engine, and as a result, Edge is high-speed. The simple design and useful features such as reader view and built-in notation makes it smooth to use.

Use Web Note to write directly on Web pages PHOTO COURTESY MICROSOFT

Use Web Note to write directly on Web pages PHOTO COURTESY MICROSOFT

Unlike IE, Edge will support JavaScript-based extensions, which will allow third parties to customize views of Web pages and add more functionality. In the future, it also will have the ability to sync passwords, bookmarks, tabs and history all across Windows 10 devices.

As Apple has Siri, Microsoft Edge has Cortana. She’s your chatty personal assistant, right in the address bar. She’s there to help you do things faster and easier, such as make reservations or get at-a-glance driving directions. On top of that, the Hub keeps all your stuff in one place (i.e., favorites, reading list, browsing history and current downloads).

If you want to try this out, you have to join the Windows Insider Program and obtain the Windows 10 Technical Preview — but only if you’re techsavvy. I would not recommend this to the average user.

FightMe video challenge app has relaunched PHOTO COURTESY FIGHTME

FightMe video challenge app has relaunched PHOTO COURTESY FIGHTME

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: FightMe

FightMe is a video challenge app that recently relaunched with a focus on creating a video with a mission, and encourages creative and passionate individuals to start a movement and join a cause (e.g., the Ice Bucket Challenge we all know and love), instead of just making a “regular video.” You have 30 seconds to create a video about whatever challenge you want, or join in an existing one. Through the app’s nomination feature, you can take your challenge wider to your network of friends and followers via Facebook, Twitter or SMS.

From FightMe’s press release, Jamie Lorenz, chairman and founder of FightMe, commented, “FightMe focuses on ‘real’ social interaction online. Many of us have talents or activities we would like to share or try, and simply showcasing these on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook has little purpose and can be quite intimidating. FightMe creates a friendly environment based on its ‘joining in’ mechanic, giving purpose and context to each video. Strength comes in numbers, and the support of others participating in a challenge gives freedom of expression away from judgment.

“The app aims to put the emphasis on the content and the passion, creativity and authenticity of its users. There are more than 400 challenges currently live, including Random Acts of Kindness, Inspirational Videos or High Five A Stranger. With the variety, there is something for everyone.” FightMe is free for your iOS or Android device.