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A Special Bond For Cancer Survivors

Aloha Pamela,

Today my friend Alice took me to St. Francis West for my radiation treatment, and on our way we stopped at Kunio Restaurant at Waikele. We were informed by our waitress that a very kind woman paid for our meal and wanted to be anonymous. We were pleasantly surprised and wanted to thank her for her kindness.

Marion Ishikawa

Dear Marion,

As someone who has also gone through radiation treatment, I can attest to the thoughtfulness of strangers. They may have been strangers to me, but perhaps not to the condition. Having had cancer sharpens your radar scope to the needs of fellow patients. Your anonymous angel may have been a survivor who fully understands what you’re going through. Good luck with your treatment.

Dear Pamela,

My daughter had her car towed from a townhouse complex, but there were no signs warning that where she had parked was not allowed. We first took pictures to show there were no warning signs posted. We then went to Ace Towing to pay the fee and get the car returned. While there, I asked to speak with the manager. Kevin Wallace, immediately came out to meet with us and view our pictures. He was patient and had a sincere desire to understand what happened and why we were upset. After consultation with the resident manager of the complex, he refunded me the full towing fee and apologized for the inconvenience. There was no attempt to rip us off, but only total professionalism from Mr. Wallace. He deserves APPLAUSE!

Becky Gustafson

Dear Becky,

“You have to listen to what people are saying,” says Ace Towing manager Kevin Wallace, who’s been listening to customer feedback for 20 years. “You have to hear both sides of the story. Customers do have a point, so we investigate and see where they’re coming from. Sometimes you have to explain your side of the story, too, and point out the laws. In this situation, we gave her consideration based on her situation.

“When I use a product or service, I always write to commend good customer service, so it’s nice to be on the receiving end!”