A Shout-out To TheBus Drivers

Hi Pamela,

I want to give a small round of APPLAUSE for a certain TheBus driver, whom I had the fortune of meeting on a rainy Friday. It was on Bus 517, Route No. 5 westbound to Ala Moana Center. The fare box slot was jammed with dollar bills. She let me on without taking my fare – I wasn’t even the first – and even gave me a transfer ticket too! In this time of tight budgets and service cuts, it was a thoughtful gesture. She even kept her sense of humor intact while it was raining and everything was wet!

Gary Li

Dear Gary,

TheBus Director of Marketing and Communications Michelle Kennedy thanks you for your commendation. “When a fare box malfunctions and we unable to take bills or coins, we do allow passengers to board without payment until a fix or replacement can be made,” she says. “As for the transfer that was given to you, please know that this is not our normal practice. Transfers are provided when a cash fare has been collected. We are pleased to hear that you had a good experience on TheBus on a rainy day. We look forward to seeing you again on TheBus.”

Dear Pamela,

Several months ago I was hit by a car at a bus stop in Waianae. The driver of the car fled and left me lying on the pavement. Several people at the bus stop came to my aid, including the No. C bus driver (female). I never got the names of all who helped me, but am grateful they were around to assist me as well as HPD and EMS personnel. Special thanks to the bus driver who got the license number of the fleeing car, and for delaying her route to assist HPD with information and being a witness. I was treated for a bruised knee and chest, and soreness on my left side. Today, I’m OK and HPD has made contact with the hit-and-run driver. Again, mahalo to all who assisted me during my ordeal, and much aloha to the Waianae community.

Benito Melchor

Dear Benito,

Your angel on TheBus was Katrina Katakura, who’s been with the company as a driver for 12 years. “We are so glad to hear that Mr. Melchor is recovering and one of our employees was able to be of assistance,” says Michelle Kennedy. “Katrina has been trained in emergency procedures. We are proud of her willingness to serve and provide assistance when needed. This Applause commendation will be added to her service record. We hope Mr. Melchor will have a full and speedy recovery.”

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