A New Kind Of Locksmith

Honest. Ethical. Punctual. Always placing customers’ needs and safety first.

These are just a few of the pillars of client service and values that Pop-A-Lock of Honolulu strives to provide every time we interact with our customers.


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Catherine Walker

Nearly four years ago, we launched Pop-A-Lock of Honolulu – a member of the country’s largest professional locksmithing franchise – and made a concerted effort to provide top-notch customer service to differentiate ourselves from others in the local marketplace. We attribute much of our growth to our commitment to client service and consider this a keystone of our business plan. In the locksmithing and roadside service industry, the primary function of client service is “estimated time of arrival” (ETA).

Upon receiving a customer’s phone call, we provide an ETA, and we aim to meet or beat this designated time. It is an easy concept, but one that many businesses struggle with. As a result, it can negatively affect a client’s perception of their overall service. In order to exercise our commitment to customer service, we hold semi-annual training sessions for our employees. During this professional development, we stress to our employees to be cordial and courteous at all times, review proper roadside techniques to ensure customer safety, and invite certified mechanics to demonstrate the use of the latest technology and tools. As part of our employee training, we also teach our service providers to educate customers about our Key Return Tag Program and the Emergency Door Unlocking (EDU) Program. This consistent employee education about customer service makes it a daily business function and differentiates Pop-A-Lock of Honolulu from other locksmiths. We recently were named a recipient of the 2012 Towman ACE Award by The American Towman Magazine. The award serves as a benchmark to measure our ongoing emphasis on customer service.

For more information about our service, visit popalock.com/franchise/honolulu_hi_locksmith.php/index.php.