A Miracle Repair Of A Walker

Aloha Pamela,

During the annual Arthritis Walk, one of the wheels of my walker came off. Dr. Tsuji of The Queen’s Medical Center saw my dilemna and tried to fix it. What a miracle worker he is! With a piece of rubber tubing, scissors and screwdriver, he re-attached the wheel. A thousand blessings for angels like him. I am so thankful, because it would have been difficult to return to the car.

Lee Ramirez

Dear Lee,

“I’m so relieved to hear that Mrs. Ramirez was able to make it back to her car!” says Dr. Stuart Tsuji, Queen’s radiation oncologist. “She was extremely patient and trusting, even though I could only find a scrap piece of rubber we found on the ground to fix her walker.

With my patchwork repair job, I was worried that the wheel would fall off again while she walked on the bumpy ground. Thank you for letting me know she’s OK.”

Dear Pamela,

I would like to give a big mahalo to Jennifer Limos, customer service representative at First Hawaiian Bank Makiki. I went to the bank to have someone help me input my priority plus points rewards. On checking my account, Jennifer discovered that I had to use my points by that day or lose all my points. Jennifer saved this senior citizen a lot of money and a probable confrontation if I had lost my points due to my ignorance. She was very helpful, understanding and patient. She deserves to be recognized for her good work by taking the time to go one step beyond!

Lorraine Akana

Dear Lorraine,

Jennifer Limos of First Hawaiian Bank Makiki is tickled by your letter. “It’s really regular customer service here,” she says. “I especially like to help the elderly and people who might not understand how to access information on the Internet. It takes just a little of our time, but it means so much to them to have someone walk them through the process.”

Dear Pamela,

My daughter was pinned between our vehicles when her car rolled down the driveway into mine. Two of our neighbors immediately stopped to help.

One called 911 while the other attended to my daughter. My son called his dad, and soon afterward the EMTs in Kaneohe arrived. She was transported to Queen’s Medical Center, as they have the only trauma center here. The EMTs were calm and caring. The staff at QMC, Lanakila Rehabilitation and Fukuji & Lum were so supportive and helpful throughout her ordeal. She fractured her hip and pelvic areas in several places, and was out of school for about two weeks. Many thanks are also due to the UH Richardson School of Law deans, staff and students who understood her medical situation and helped her – from advice regarding her class load and opening doors for her. Even though she was entirely too independent to let her classmates carry her 20-pound backpack when they offered, she truly appreciated their offers of assistance. She made many new friends through the experience and is back to figure skating and jogging three miles again.

Carol Sakai-Feiteira

Dear Carol,

“Thank you for recognizing the EMS personnel who took care of your daughter,” says Mark Rigg, director of HESD. “We hold our personnel to the highest of standards, and it is always nice to hear the good work that is being done in our community. We are pleased to also know your family member has made a full recovery.”

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