A Message To Hear Loud And Clear

By Randy Wohlers, BC-HIS
Owner of Family Hearing Aid Center

Imagine any situation where you have difficulty hearing – it could be with your family at work or going out for the evening with friends – and I personally can guarantee that, using our newest technology, Family Hearing Aid Center can make a huge difference for you.


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Owner Randy Wohlers (left) with Wendy Nicolas, customer service representative | Photos from Family Hearing Aid Center

There is no comparison with today’s hearing devices and those just five years ago. Hearing aids are becoming personal hearing devices that our patients don’t want to go without.

Want to talk on your phone through your hearing aid’s hands-free while driving, working or just any time? That’s easy.

Want to have direct input into your ears without any interference from someone speaking at meetings, lectures and even in restaurants? That’s easy.

Want to sit with the family and listen to the TV at your level without having to turn up the volume and bothering everyone else? That’s easy.

Want to focus on the person talking to you with all other sounds lowered-when you’re in a crowd?

That’s easy. Don’t want anyone to know you have a hearing aid? That’s easy.

Don’t want to have to worry about getting your hearing aid wet while at the beach or in the shower? That’s easy.

Want to sleep with your hearing aids on? That’s easy.

Want to keep your cognitive functions active? That’s easy.

I personally don’t know anyone wearing one of our devices who wouldn’t encourage you to get help with your hearing loss. They will tell you three things:

1) It will change your life.
2) It will change the lives of those around you.
3) Most importantly, it will improve your self-confidence and change who you are.

We provide free screening and video inspections of your ear canal and eardrum, so please get your hearing checked and corrected.

To make an appointment at any of our six locations statewide, call 973-1551. For more information, visit familyhearingaidcenter.com.