A Medley Of Vegetables To Play Your Way

George Kon is at the artistic directorial helm of the Alliance for Drama Education (ADE), a private, nonprofit organization that helps Hawaii’s youngsters “rehearse for life,” and has bolstered the confidence and performing ambitions of thousands of Hawaii’s youths.

George grew up on a sugar plantation on Maui and attended Baldwin High School. Mesmerized by a performance by modern dancer Al Huang, he set off on a lifelong journey that took him around the world and eventually back to Hawaii, producing and performing theatre with his creative partner Walt Dulaney, co-founder of ADE. Sadly, Dulaney, T-Shirt Theatre (TST) writer/producer, passed away more than a year ago and is greatly missed.

TST is ADE’s low-tech, high-zest performing company based at Farrington High School. For more than 25 years, TST has been inspiring Kalihi youths to “do your best and have fun,” emphasized in a program that provides English academic credit to its young participants. More on these programs and future performances can be found at rehearseforlife.com.

George would like to thank a small group of dedicated alumni who have grown up with the process and are beginning to take on major responsibilities. Francis Asis, who started as an eighth-grader, choreographs and co-directs the shows. Jonah Moananu composes, coaches and heads up a young crew of Kalihi artist-educators in ADE’s Gett!ng Dramat!c program, and is assistant director with TST. David Abadilla doubles as ADE’s videographer, editor and sound engineer. These young people are ADE’s legacy.

This column is dedicated to George, Walt and all of the volunteers with the program for caring and taking a part in changing lives for the better.

Try this healthy stir-fry, courtesy of George. Serve over white or brown rice as a main meal, or with fish or chicken.

Zucchini is an excellent source of potassium and vitamin A, and contains vitamin C, folic acid, antithetic acid and copper. When purchasing, look for firm, unblemished zucchini with a glossy skin. To store, place in a perforated plastic bag in the refrigerator, where they should keep for about a week. Do not wash until just before use. Zucchini also may be frozen: Cut into slices and blanch for two minutes. Once frozen, it will keep for about three months.


Note: George says he never measures anything; just use as much or as little of each, as desired, to your own taste.

* broccoli
* cauliflower
* zucchini
* garlic, to taste
* chopped fresh ginger, to taste
* red bell peppers
* green onions
* bean sprouts
* mushrooms
* Chinese cabbage
* cashews
* olive oil, to coat pan
* salt and pepper, to taste

Chop up all the veggies into bite-size pieces. Coat pan with olive oil and heat. Sauté hard veggies in wok until colors pop, add garlic and ginger, and mix to combine. Add soft veggies last and sauté until soft. Add cashews and cook for about five minutes, until lightly browned.

Season with salt and pepper, to taste.