A Hero Goes Into A Storm Drain

Hello, Pamela,

About a month ago, I was going to an appointment in Moiliili for my job. My coworker parked the car at a meter on Isenberg Street, and as I exited the car, my purse turned over and some of the contents spilled out onto the road and down a storm drain opening. I picked up what I could retrieve, but when I inventoried my things, I discovered that I had lost my checkbook and phone down the drain.

How would I ever retrieve those things from underneath the city? My husband urged me to try to see if someone would look for the items.

The next day I called around various city departments and was finally forwarded to the Facilities Maintenance Department. I left a message for Mr. John Nigro about my dilemma.

When I returned to work on Monday morning, I had a message from John that he had sent one of his crew to retrieve my things from the drain on Saturday.

They found my checkbook and phone. I offered to come to get them, but John said he was coming into town and would drop them off at my office, which he did.

Naturally, neither item was in the best of shape, but at least I knew my data was safe. I was able to reconstruct the information from my phone for the most part, and at least had my check register for my own records.

Thank you to the wonderful City and County employees at Facilities Maintenance Division, and especially their boss, John. They went above and beyond to help out this clumsy woman.

Cyndi Keller
Hawaii Kai

Dear Cyndi,
“The Division of Road Maintenance of the Department of Facility Maintenance appreciates your letter informing us of your positive outcome to your lost check register and phone,” says division chief Tyler K. Sugihara. “We are proud of our unsung heroes who go the extra mile in providing outstanding service to the community, and are thrilled to receive letters from the community recognizing their efforts. Although John Nigro may have indicated that one of his crew had performed the retrieval, he personally investigated your situation and was the one who had gone into the storm drain system and retrieved your check register and phone. We will be recognizing John in our staff meeting and will include your letter of appreciation in his personnel file.”

Dear Pamela,

I would like to thank the young gentleman and others who caught my husband as he collapsed by the hamburger booth at the Punahou Carnival. I also wish to thank and commend the quick and professional attention by Paris, the medical assistant, three Honolulu police officers, Dr. Sloan and the concern of academy dean James Kakos. And a special thanks to Maryknoll School and the parents who were so kind to watch my granddaughter while I was by my husband.

I’m happy to report that my husband is fine thanks to the Queen’s hospital crew and emergency staff of Dr. Park, nurse Patty and assistant Scott.

C. Takahashi

Dear Mrs. Takahashi,

“We deeply appreciate Mrs. Takahashi’s thanks and are pleased to hear that her husband is recovered. We feel that we did what anyone at Punahou would have done to ensure that her husband received immediate, proper care and attention. We also want to thank the Takahashis for coming out to the Punahou Carnival, proceeds of which support the school’s financial-aid program. Our goal is to create a carnival experience that is enjoyable and fun for everyone. Mahalo for your thoughtfulness and support.”

James Kakos and Paris Priore-Kim, Academy Deans,
Punahou School

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