A Boy And His Favorite Truck Driver

Dear Pamela,

This is not a thank you for one gracious moment; it’s for what some people do naturally out of the kindness of their hearts every day.

I walk my grandson at Kahala Mall most weekday mornings. Being 2 when we started, he loved the big trucks.

His favorite is the green Honolulu Disposal Service garbage truck. We try to time our walk to coincide with Manny and his truck at the ewa end of the mall, where my grandson, Tristan, sits in his stroller watching Manny expertly empty the big bins.

Manny always has a smile and wave for Tristan, which excites him very much. Tristan waves back and Manny pulls his truck horn a couple of times. For a 2-year old boy, that is the best!

One day, Manny came out of his truck and gave Tristan a thermal backpack and T-shirt, both with the Honolulu Disposal Service logo on it. He loved the gifts, but I think was more excited that Manny came out of his truck to see him! He insists on using that backpack every day to pack his many cars and trucks to take to the mall with him.

Unfortunately, little boys grow up, and Tristan, now 3, will start preschool. But from this grateful grandmother, thank you, Manny, for your kindness and interest in a little boy. You definitely gave Tristan the highlight of his day.

Tristan and his Grandma Kats

Dear Tristan and Grandma Kats,

“Manny Cachuela has been with our company for more than 10 years, servicing the Kaimuki-Hawaii Kai area,” says his supervisor, Gerald Yoshimoto. “He takes pride in his work and obviously has a soft spot for little kids.”

Hello Pamela,

On a bright, sunny day, my car stopped and died at the bus stop on Beretania Street across from Aala Park. “Bronson of Waipahu” from Sandwich Isle Termite and Pest Control stopped and checked if my niece and I were OK. Then he quickly got his cell phone to call my insurance company for a tow truck, and pushed my car from the traffic lane toward the curb and left.

Then HPD Officer Brandon Kahokulani pushed the car away from the bus stop. Within 15 minutes, tow truck driver Moses arrived, then passengers and car were towed to the designated repair shop. With such kindness and assistance I was home by noon. My heartfelt thanks to these three angels, and many blessings to them.

Lila Chrystal

Dear Lila,

Bronson DeFreitas, who’s been with Sandwich Isle Termite and Pest Control for four years, is no stranger to roadside distress. “That’s just like Bronson,” says SITPC general manager Ian Mateo. “He’s caring and conscientious. We have a strong emphasis and spend a lot of time on customer service training. We want to be the best in the industry.”