50 Years Of Stewardship

By Mike Hartley
President, Hawaiiana Management Company Ltd.

What creates a company’s long-term success?

Fifty is a great milestone, showing the ability to weather economic fluctuations, new legislation, and changes in culture and technology. It has been Hawaiiana’s business “constant” over these 50 years, which has brought us successfully to where we are today: Hawaii’s No. 1 association management company.


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Officers and directors of Hawaiiana Management: (front, from left) Kevin Hall, VP; Deborah Balmilero, VP; Charla Trevenen, VP; Phyllis Kacher, senior VP; Ed Kaya, VP; (back) Eiichi Matsumoto, director; Allen Wilson, VP; Kevin Cole, senior VP; Bruce Howe, VP; Jay Bloom, director; Al Pattison, executive VP; Chuck Ray, VP; John Bouchie, VP; and Mike Hartley, president PHOTOS COURTESY HAWAIIANA MANAGEMENT COMPANY

Being “IN” on innovation

The company traces its roots to ownership by C. Brewer in the 1960s, when Hawaii condominium law was first established. The firm was purchased in the 1970s by developers Bruce Stark and Sheridan Ing, who recognized the need for a service to support the many new condominiums being introduced to Hawaii. As a result, Hawaiiana was involved “from the ground up” with Hawaii’s most-impressive, top-quality building projects of the time — a trend that continues to this day.

Strong leadership to weather the “ups and downs”

Firm leadership included the late Dick Gourley, an industry pioneer, mentor and teacher, and Emory Bush, who successfully led the company for 17 years through both recession and great growth. I assumed leadership in 2010, and we have the privilege to be integrally involved in the state’s current construction boom. My passion is customer service, and as a company, we are constantly seeking new ways to implement this service for Hawaiiana’s clients.

Riding the wave of Hawaii’s growth

I am proud to announce Hawaiiana’s winning third-quarter 2014 results. New business growth was reported on all islands. Twenty-five existing associations switched to Hawaiiana and another 55 contracts were awarded, bringing our total project count to more than 600. Hawaiiana’s new clients include Symphony, The Collection, One Ala Moana and all new luxury developments in

Ward Village. Hawaiiana boasts a 95-percent retention rate with existing clients.

Honoring our stewardship

At current count, Hawaiiana provides management services for approximately 100,000 units on six islands — roughly one in seven households. This represents a huge percentage of Hawaii’s population, a responsibility we take very seriously. We’re grateful for the tremendous opportunity we have to serve our community.

For more information about our company, please call 593-6896 or email phyllisok@hmcmgt.com.